Wednesday, 28 November 2012

With a bit of a shove......

......and a fair wind behind it.......last Saturday's Consistory Mass in Rome........

.....Could have been a Traditional Latin Mass!

It was reverent, in Latin, holy and beautifully sung......but it was an Ordinary Form Mass and a concelebrated one at that.

The distinctions between EF and OF were really quite blurred on the surface; I would even go so far as to say that, if my local parish church offered an Ordinary Form Mass in the same manner, I would be there like a greased something or other.

So, is it too much to ask that the Holy Father celebrates Mass in the Extraordinary Form?

Will the Archbishop of Paris really swoon at the prospect?

And all those German and Austrian prelates, will they start smashing up the crockery?

I think that the only person who would really start chewing at the carpet if such a Mass took place would be The Tablet's Rome correspondent.


  1. "So, is it too much to ask that the Holy Father celebrates Mass in the Extraordinary Form?"

    Or, alternatively, is it too much to ask that all other priests celebrate Mass in the Ordinary form as the Holy Father does?


  2. Patricius, of course that should be the case but the example has already been set. We still await the example for the EF Mass. Richard

  3. The trouble is, a papal Mass as per the pre-Paul VI era would require a lot of court ceremonial which is no longer practicable, and if BXVI were to celebrate an EF Mass which was deficient in any of these, the traddies would be down on him like a ton of bricks.


  4. But would they John? I think that there is such a groundswell of opinion that desires the HF to offer a Latin Mass, that would accept it, provided an attempt is made to fulfil the liturgical norms that are feasible. Not grade A English but you get my drift. Richard

  5. There would be one other person chewing on the carpet - the Reverend Tony Flavin, whose head would explode in apoplexy.


  6. Maria, didn't realise he was a Rev, can Trolls be Revs?