Saturday, 3 November 2012

A good teaching aid for school chaplains

Recommended as essential viewing before arranging a visit to your local mosque.

In this short film clip the origins of Islam are explored and the basic aims according to the Koran are listed giving school pupils a clear understanding of what it means to call yourself a Muslim.

Every RE class should be given the advantage of watching this highly educational video.......



  1. This video is biased rubbish. The facts are false and it is alarmist. Michael Voris and his organisation are not in good standing with the church and they do not represent authentic church teaching or views in any way. This video is totally unsuitable for viewing in any school (catholic or non-religious). Beware of this type of crap.


  2. Peter - who says that Michael Voris is not in good standing with the Church? The liberal lobby?
    And, of course, it is authentic Church teaching. Where have you been for the past fifty years?

  3. Voris has been prevented from talking or participating officially at various official church events eg world youth day by a number of bishops and/or bishops conferences. Real catholic TV have also been required to remove 'catholic' from their organisation's name under threat of sactions under canon law. Doesn't sound like they are in good standing with the church does it?

    There are also tax irregularities and the organisation hasn't published aiudited accounts for a number of years. Personally I suspect they are linked with the SSPX.


  4. Peter, if Michael Voris has been blacklisted "by a number of Bishops" that makes him number one in my book. The liberal and woolly minded bishops have had their own way for far too long. Also, if he is linked to the SSPX, that's the icing on the cake.