Friday, 2 November 2012

The Friends of Tina Beattie

I have discovered a network of fans of Dr Tina who are fighting hard on her behalf to support her in her troubles.
In fact, it appears as if they have arranged to have a day dedicated to her, worldwide!

Well done them I say.

                   Support for Dr Beattie....but why the handkerchief?

And then, there are those who oppose the dear Doc on the rather spurious grounds that she likes to give talks on the Catholic Faith can I put it? I think some might describe them as totally against Catholic teachings. Pshaw!

What a bunch of saddos!

They have got together to produce lapel badges that really lay it on the line for Tina B.

At least...I think they mean Tina couldn't be.....a certain Bishop could it?


  1. Tina Beattie must be very flattered at all the attention she gets from tradCath blogs, or at least she might be if she bothered to read them: no doubt she has better things to do. The real saddos are those whose only positive aim is to bring back boring old-style Catholicism, Latin, lace, silk, frilly nightshirts etc., and otherwise spend most of their time opposing anything and everything and derive their greatest delight from tracking down so-called heretics and dissenters, i.e. those whose minds have not been blown out by the crushing weight of Vatican autocracy. For God's sake get a life!

    1. Dear Dorotheus, You have quite a Latin-y sounding name for someone who excoriates Latin-lovers like me. (And yes, that means that I love everything from the Latin Mass to Latino men whose gorgeous tanned skin looks Ronsealed in comparison my alabaster Irish shade) Find it in your heart to forgive me for me for attending the Latin Mass and for being heterosexual. If you are so inclined, we can go shopping together for frilly nightshirts for our Valentines. I've just got to get a Valentine first. Let me know when you're free.
      Love, Mary

  2. Earth to LiberalsNovember 02, 2012 9:22 pm

    "those whose minds have not been blown out by the crushing weight of Vatican autocracy"

    What planet are you living on?

  3. Dorotheus - if you think that TB is flattered, why are you so upset?

  4. Richard you really area wicked old man but you make me laugh. I also rather suspect that Dorotheus is the lovely Tina's mother,

  5. Introibo - actually, I have it on good authority that she's Tina's Gran.

    1. Either that or a certain gent from AB with rather strange ideas on the fruits of V2.Come to think of it Tina, Hans and co could be deemed to be the true fruits of V2.

    2. Either that or its a certain gent from AB with rather strange views on the fruits of V2. Come to think of it Tina, Hans and co could be deemed to be the true fruits of V2.

  6. And what sort life are you envisaging Dorotheus? Is it the gospel according to Tina Beattie: green light for abortion; Mass as an act of homosexual intercourse; go, go, go for SSM marriage (btw publicly and wilfully misquoting Cardinal Hume)?
    The thing is, Dorotheus, that anyone viscerally opposed to key Catholic teaching can leave any time they like.
    Personally, my mind is blown away by the lives of the saints, martyrs like St Edith Stein and Blessed Sr. Restituta (guillotined by the Nazis), persecuted Christians in hostile countries who hold fast. None of them seems to have had any problems with "the crushing weight of Vatican autocracy".
    No, that is left to Catholics in the flabby developed western countries, whose suffering adds up to little more than injured pride. Boo-hoo.
    There is no evidence that Christ was open to dissent among His followers. The Gospels record more than one rebuke. You might as well call Him an autocrat.
    I'd add that, for me, anyone who resorts to the yawn-inducing clichés "get a life" and "get over it" hasn't much of an argument.

  7. Dorotheus,
    I have never seen a frilly nightshirt and so I have never worn one. Is having or wearing one a sine qua non for being a Catholic who accepts Papal infallibility, rather than accepting Tina who appears to be more infallible than the Pope? If so could you please tell me where I can get one, or better still, send me one....I will refund cost and postage.