Monday, 19 November 2012

I've never heard Catholic Voices

I mean that in all sincerity (folks) - it is just that, despite being a regular listener to Radio Four and having my  ear to the ground as far as forthcoming television programmes that may have a Catholic interest is concerned, I have not yet had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of one of CVs "ambassadors" for the Faith.

I know not the reason for this; I wish the organisation well, I am not sniping at them.

But, on the other hand we have Michael Voris and Church Militant.

You cannot visit the Catholic blogosphere without seeing the Daily Voris.

He's there, tackling the topic of the day, as fresh and as regular as one's daily bread.

 As strong as St Michael and may God bless him in his good work.

And to those who state that they are not enamoured of his forthright approach let me ask the question: "If John the Baptist was with us in the flesh today, how do you think he would sound?"

Answer: "Uber forthright" methinks.

The great saints have never minced their words, Campion, Pro, Fisher, Catherine of Sienna - all were outspoken in their day; they did not pussy-foot around with political correct words and phrases, they spoke on the teachings of Christ, straight from the shoulder.

And where are our great orators today? Is there a Monsignor Knox or a Fr McNabb OP in the country?

Or a Chesterton or a Belloc?

We need Michael Voris, desperately; we need more like him; we need Catholic women (especially) who can speak out on Faith issues.

I don't believe in wasting time in re-inventing the wheel; why should there not be a British satellite group stemming from Church Militant? No snub intended for Catholic Voices, their agenda is quite a distinct one from Voris's with a different profile and, unless they were prepared to kick it out and start again, I don't think that it would work.

It's a bit like asking the question: Who is there who could lead the Conservative Party if David Cameron resigned tomorrow?

Not many, if any names spring to mind. Can you think of anyone? To speak for the Faith, I mean.


  1. Dr Caroline Farey M.Phil(Cantab), MA(Theol), STB, STL, PhL, PhD (Lateran), Director of B.Divinity at Maryvale. As far as I am aware she is the only woman in the Uk to hold a pontifical doctorate- she gained highest award, summa cum laude. Just returned from Rome where she was one of the only two UK experts appointed to the Synod on the New Evangelisation and received the worldwide message to catechists from the Holy Father at the Opening Mass for the Year of Faith. Totally orthodox and faithful to the Magisterium, fantastic lecturer in both theology and philosophy, but keeps a very low profile with the media unlike Tina Beatie. Interviewd by Vatican Radio during the Synod.

  2. Thanks Marianne, I'll research Dr Farey, sounds good.

  3. But would the BBC be interested?

  4. I'm afraid that CV has not impressed me at all. They seemed to completely misunderstand the Civil Union legislation which provides civil recognition and status to couples of the same sex in sexual relationships. Persons on behalf of Catholic Voices tried to present such legislation as morally licit, showing both a lack of understanding of the law and even graver and more culpable ignorance of the moral law. They seem to be too influenced by the policy of compromise, and appearing to be "moderate" so as to be acceptable to those who might call them something else if they defended objectively-knowable moral truth. In other words, at least some of them appear to politicising matters that cannot be politicised.

  5. Richard, please don't forget the brilliant and non-aggressive Father Robert Barron. Yes I know he is American, but seems to be even more frequently on the Blogosphere than Michael Voris. The Catholic Voices lot have not impressed me either. From the very beginning, they have been the creation of persons whom I think we would both definitely not 'like'.


  6. Patricius, really the point is that this operation would work without the BBC or any 'traditional' channel. Michael Voris uses the internet - that's it.


  7. Lynda - I feel you are right but cannot affirm as I have not experienced being on the receiving end of CVs. Perhaps that, in itself says something.


  8. Jane, I agree, Fr Barron is truly excellent but the point I am making (badly) is that we do need an "English" evangelist a la Michael Voris. And he or she should be a member of the laity so that the episcopal restraints (unfair ones) can not be applied.