Monday, 26 November 2012

Gay "Marriage" petition

Yes, I know, another petition but this will only take a second and, as it stands at present, the powers of darkness have the vote swinging in their favour.

And...OK, it's a Daily Telegraph poll so it's not going to feature in Parliament...or is it?

As I say, a second to click and you will have made a stand for the Faith - here's the link:



  1. Richard,
    Just voted-we can but try!

    God Bless,


  2. I voted when a "for" person helpfully mentioned the poll in another blog. This is about the third time the Telegraph has polled on this and the "fors" always greatly outnumber the "antis".
    On the other hand, straw polls are inherently unreliable because they pretty much attract the diehards rather than a representative cross-section.
    It occurs to me that there might be some way of establishing an automatic alert on computers for certain words.
    The "fors" are always very quick off the mark whenever a gay subject comes up in the MSM or on blogs. Or perhaps it's just the twitterati at work. But it does prove that we have to be as keenly focused as the other side.

  3. Voted against same sex "marriage"! In the end it's not about what the crowd says or does, it is what you as an individual do that you have to answer to God about.

  4. Do you realise that one can vote as often as one wants. I have voted four times now and counting, so get voting. Vote early, vote often.


  5. Fr Redman - yes, I think that's how the pro choicers have taken the lead Father. Up to us to redress the balance.