Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New blog calls for a March for Babies

H/T to Caritas in Veritate for highlighting Voice for Justice, an interesting blog that, if it lives up to its initial postings, will help provide a focus for many of the issues facing Catholics in Britain today.

I have to say that the tragedy is, that much of this should be done by the Bishops; it is a scandal that they are not even on the horizon on abortion, gay adoption, same sex "marriage", sex education in schools and the host of other moral issues facing us.

But, please visit this new blog and, make a date in your diary for a planned London march called 'March for Babies'.
This is being organised for April 27th 2013.

The march will start from Westminster Abbey and proceed to Downing Street where a video (presumably on life in the womb) will be handed to David Cameron whoever is Prime Minister then.

This is from the Voice for Justice website:

March for Babies
27th April 2013

Join us in a March to remember the 7,000,000 lost lives since 1967, and to celebrate babies and the unborn today!  Date: April 27th, 2013.  Place:  London.  Gathering at Westminster Abbey, followed by March to Downing Street to present video to the Prime Minister. 


  1. We, Catholics in Ireland could identify with your pain and frustration over the lack of basic leadership and support from our spiritual and moral leaders against the extreme assault of evil pro-abortion, anti-parenthood, anti-marriage forces. We're fighting for our very souls, and the soul of the Irish Nation, and we've been abandoned by most of our spiritual fathers, our Bishops and priests. Thank God for the tiny number who are doing their duty when such evil is being pushed and people are in acute moral and spiritual danger. We are like abandoned children, and it is causing terrible suffering and anguish. Please pray for the Irish, the Church in Ireland, and the thwarting of Satan's attempt to "legalise" the killing of our innocent and defenceless children in what should be their sanctuary - their mothers' wombs.

  2. Most odd that this organized march is the very weekend that a good number of pro-lifers take part in "The National Chain" which is a silent witness organized by SPUC. This event is held every year and is very productive in bringing the pro-life message into the market square. So many people need to see this message to give them the support if they have an aversion to abortion but are led to believe, through the pressure of the media, that everyone does it. Who knows how many babies /mothers are saved through these witnesses. Last year FLI held their conference on that same date which prevented me from attending their usually very good gathering of speakers. "Why do these groups not support each other"? My very pro-life priest often says to me. I dunno! Most odd.


  3. Momangelica, I could not agree more. It is totally confusing to have so many apparently disjointed organisations with a common core.


  4. Lynda, the Church in Ireland has our prayers.