Sunday, 11 November 2012

A three minute trawl of the internet....

How to celebrate the feast of St Thomas More

.......poor old David Cameron was put on the spot when TV show host, Philip Schofield, presented him with a list of (alleged) paedophiles last week.

If I had been Cameron I think I would have been tempted to tell Schofield to stuff it where the sun never shines. The move smacks of pomposity and attention grabbing.

So, never slow to jump on a bandwagon, I have compiled a 3 minute internet list, not of paedophiles but of (I believe) Catholic Primary Schools who have all made a visit to a Hindu Temple, Mosque or whatever.
I promise that this will be my last post on the subject; even I am getting bored with it.

But, it's a big problem.

Schools are trotting off willy nilly to take young and impressionable children to visit and invariably take part in non Christian activities, often, it appears, rituals involving food (nuts) and drink.

All of the schools involved carry details regarding their visit on their's my 3 minutes worth of internet research list:-

  1. St Anne’s Primary School, Birmingham
  2. St Patrick’s Plumstead London
  3. St Joseph’s Leeds
  4. St Vincent’s Rochdale (temple and mosque)
  5. St Mary’s Bath
  6. St Thomas More Birmingham
  7. St Mary’s Isleworth
  8. St Thomas of Canterbury
  9. St Phillip Evans Cardiff
  10. Holy Rood School Barnsley (Buddhist)
And, just to highlight one small part of the problem, here is what St Thomas More School state on their website regarding such comments in red...

"As part of our global dimension week (what?) we enjoyed learning all about the festivals of Divali and Holi.
The children enjoyed re-telling the story of Divali using puppets and artefacts.

When exploring the festival of Holi the children had the opportunity to experiment with lots of different colours by mixing and painting (that used to be called an art class). They produced some beautiful, colourful work.

To celebrate the feast of St Thomas More the children had lots of fun learning different circus skills". (Well, of course, what else would one do on a Saints' feastday but teach a bit of juggling and clowning around).

I am sure that, if I spent a morning on the computer, I would find many, many more examples.

It's yet another indicator of how fuzzy thinking has crept into the Faith like dry rot infiltrates timber leaving it looking sound but, in effect, having no integrity and crumbling at a touch.


  1. Absolutely absurd, Richard! If we had a lot of Buddhist temples here in the US, you bet our Catholic school students would be celebrating Holi, too. They know all about other "gods" don't they? But how much do they know about the One True Faith? Next to nothing! Totally absurd. Cudos, for exposing this rot.

  2. If 95% of our young people abandon their faith and leave the church after confirmation/school what makes the Catholic Education "movers and shakers" suppose this exposure to false idol faiths will improve things. How about the name Catholic being removed from the title of our schools and just name them "non denominational".
    By Father Michael Muller, C.SS.R.

    If the Protestant faith is considered a concoction from the Devil as this article demonstrates then what does that say of the Pagan ones.