Saturday, 17 November 2012

What part of 'kneeling and on the tongue' don't they understand?

H/T to Ron Garcia at Making Things Visible for posting this clip of Cardinal Raymund Burke stating (again) that the Holy Father is sending us a signal - loud and clear.

He has not issued a Motu Proprio on the matter, he does not need to - it is Church Law and, anyway, I am sure that he would rather, instead of imposing the rule, that we respond as children do when sitting around the dinner table, watching their parents for the signal to place both hands together and say Grace.

Observe and follow, pretty simple isn't it?


  1. "What part of 'kneeling and on the tongue' don't they understand?"

    That's easy! "Kneeling" and "on the tongue"!

  2. Good post Richard but please explain what H/T means.Not everybody who reads blogs understands abreviations.

  3. Introibo, means hat tip....I'm new to this blogging lark also.

    1. Many thanks Richard that makes understanding so much easier.

  4. Mum was telling us today how she has to close her eyes afte Holy Communion to stop herself feeling out of sorts which inflicts her whenever she sees the group of Euc. Mins. finishing off after H/C. Consuming sacred species, washing, drying vessels, restoring Ciborum to Tabernacle etc.
    She says that they have a female MC who, during the Mass and even at the Consecration stands besides the priest turning the pages (looking for all the world like it is a con-celebration going on). Poor Mum!

  5. Most churches make it very difficult for those of us who kneel, with nothing to support one going down or up. Most churches have had the altar rails and kneeler removed decades ago and have not yet restored them.