Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Christmas is not for fairies

There is a sort of sinister allegorical slant (not saying that I'm paranoid or anything) to the liberalisation of the Church where, the reality of sound Catholic practice and devotions has been perverted by "bringing the liturgy, music and teachings of HMC up to date" and the fact that what were once angels now appear to have 'modernised' into fairies.

At one time, an angel was the essential, but not the key essential, to the Christmas crib that would sit on a side table or window ledge.

And then, angel number two would be delegated to the top of the Christmas tree; this was just not any old angel, it would not have gauzey wings, a lacy frou frou or, horror of horrors, a wand in its hand.

Not quite my mental image
 of Archangel Gabriel
It would have some substance about it, possibly a plain porcelain face to add an air of mystery and of something just a little hidden from human eyes. The wings would have been of a material that one could not describe as flimsy and it would not have all been framed around a Barbie doll face and body.

Can little girls be angels?
Don't answer that
I have searched the stores in vain for an angel that reflects reality but all I can find are Sloane Rangers in gold lame or cutie fairies in tin foil.
There are even Smurf angels, Muppet ones, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf Angels - but no Heavenly messenger ones.

So please, do not tell me that I should be making my own, my very own traditional angel. Life is getting rather too short for that; not that I haven't considered it and speculated on what effect one could achieve with an old fashioned clothes peg and some silver wire.
But I know my limitations.

This year, the Christmas tree may have to be crowned with a star - at least that motif cannot be altered.

Or, can it?

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