Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Catholic bloggers win through!

Catholics Bloggers won the day at Agincourt

The recent poll operated by The Daily Telegraph invited readers to cast a vote on the Homosexual "Marriage" issue - for or against.

5 days ago, the swing was to the pro gay "marriage" lobby but now, following publicity on several Catholic blogs, the advantage has swung in favour of those against.

Here are the latest figures:-

Yes  41.48%  (4,996 votes)
No  58.52%  (7,047 votes)
Total Votes: 12,043

Hoorah you might chortle as you sip your Wincarnis tonight - but so what?

We should not have to respond in this manner but, the direction taken by the world means that, in future, we are going to be called upon to cast a vote for Christ with increasing frequency. 

We will be most fortunate if that is all that we have to do. Some of us will be going to prison for standing up for the Faith and some will pay the ultimate penalty of sacrificing their lives, many have already done so.

But this whole petition business does prove one very important point; it shows clearly the power of the blogger.

The power of responding to a situation and producing an effect within hours.

This is new and heady territory and, of course, it can be a force for evil as well as good.

I hope that some enterprising person or organisation is notching up these successes on their longbow; we have the Tesco Gay Pride sponsorship that hit the buffers after bloggers flagged up the potential of shopping at Sainsbury's......there was the Bishop who did not make the next step up the rung due to bloggers revealing some of his rather odd writings....there are many more but my memory needs a bit of a kick start these days.

Perhaps we could start a list - please leave a comment with any further victories that you can recall.


  1. Two lectures by Jon Crudas (the Catholic Pro-Abortion MP) were cancelled.

    Two Lectures by Tina Beattie cancelled mainly due to the work of Protect the Pope and the Muniment Room.

    A partial victory can be attributed to Catholic bloggers in getting the inquiry in to the Liverpool Care Pathway. Paul Priest (OTSOTA) needs a strong mention here.

    Surely the Catholic 'blogoshere' had serious impact on Marriage Care slowly being brought in to line with Church teaching. The pressure from blogs has been intense at times.

    The Tablet admitting that the Vatican viewed Catholic blogs to gauge the situation in the UK is another victory in itself.

    Finally, despite it not being able to be quantified, surely the presence of the Catholic blogosphere is constantly keeping the pressure on the CBCEW for more Latin Masses. This is a low level, but on-going victory.

    However, the biggest victory attributed to Catholic bloggers surely must be as 'an antidote' to pan-doctrinal Catholicism and as a constant reminder that there is ultimate truth within Christ's Church.

    If I think of anything else I'll let you know.


  2. OPN - even I am impressed. You are absolutely right but, I think there may be even more victories lurking out there.