Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A question for school lay chaplains......

......When they plan their visit to the local Mosque.

How do you set about filling in the statutory risk assessment form?

                       A thorny problem for Chaplins


  1. I will not embarrass the person in question, but needless to say an extremely well known Catholic school youth worker referred to praying the angelus in schools (as requested by a bishop) a good idea, and then followed this up by using the 'but' word.

    He then referred to it as "thinking outside of the box".

    I've never thought of prayer as thinking outside of the box before.

    It does make you wonder what is going on.

  2. I've sometimes been tempted to visit a Sikh gurdwara. They welcome visitors, the etiquette is easy to pick up and you get a free curry afterwards.

  3. OPN, the Angelus must be unknown territory for school lay chaplains.
    John, I've heard of people losing their Faith in return for High Office (Wales) but for a free curry?

  4. Loved that Photo!
    Follwing facetiousness, there must be some more ways of helping erode the name of lay chaplain. I mean, in the absence of a priest, members of my family ukside have at times done things in schools and such such ,that, they felt, twere better done by a priest, had one been more available, and never asked for the title.What are staff in catholic schools chosen FOR if most if not all of them cannot act as Catholic adults? Outreach and sensitivity training? Training courses on elfinsafecracking, as you sadly,accurately, mention.
    Im thinking about somehow twisting the joke about what Spanish chicken farmers say to their chickens: Oh lay, olé.

  5. John N. I'll make you a free curry and with no need of a compromise to your Faith, in fact we could have a jolly good chat about our faith, as long as you don't break out in Latin as I only know the Mass responses in that language having only a Secondary Modern education.