Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ecumenism or ecumania?

I have received news that the parishioners of St James's Church, Reading are off on an ecumenical jolly shortly.

No, they are not going to Canterbury to share an altar in a joint service, neither are they off to have a sing-a-long with the Episcopalians, it's something far more exotic than that.......

they.....are......going to......a Hindu Temple!

But...but....Hindus are not Christians, there is nothing that we can share with them and, if my sense of prophecy is in working order, I think that those good Catholic parishioners from St James will be drawn into some sort of Hindu ceremony on the evening.

Maybe a bit of bindi along with the Hindi?

That is not on, not on at all and I am sure that Bishop Egan, newly elected to Portsmouth Diocese, will have something to say about it.

Why not ask him what he thinks? He is visiting the parish on Friday 14th December when he will preside at a Mass of Thanksgiving - an excellent opportunity I think.

This is taken from the parish newsletter:-

112 Whitley Street, Reading RG2 0EQ
on Tuesday, 30th October at 6.00pm.
The aim is to provide the catholic
group with an experience of Hindu
worship in the Temple. All are

Will there, I wonder, be a future visit to a Muslim mosque? that would be interesting.

You may also wish to email His's by form HERE

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