Sunday, 28 October 2012

A note to school chaplains*

"When was the last time you invited a group of Muslims, Hindus or Sikhs to attend Mass in your parish church?"

I ask in all seriousness because it seems to me that the ecumaniacal movement is a one way street, with the Catholics going one way - to the shrine or the mosque.

Some commentators on my previous post have accused me of being a bigot and a racist (at worst) and uncharitable (at best).

And quite a few generous souls have leapt to my defence including bloggers such as Mundabor,
A Catholic comes Home and Left Footer - I thank them and will remember them in my Rosaries this week especially.
And I shall also remember my critics - equality for all I say!

As to the criticisms.....let me just say that I have a Muslim son-in-law and that part of my formative years included having an indian student living as a member of the family, he became another older brother for me.
So, not too much bigotry or racial hatred there then.

My reasons for writing as I do, reflects on the fact that I had an absurdly normal childhood and adolescence. I did not rebel or shout at my parents or shock them by appearing with a ring through my nose and tattoos all over my body.
I was boringly boring.

So now that I am, how shall I put it? - a tad older, I think that all that suppression of emotions and repressive freedom has resulted in a rebirth of adolescence.

Another chance to shock and appal my fellow man.

That might have a touch of truth in it but I also cannot abide cant and stupidity and all this pathetic political correctness.

Sadly, many in my Faith have gone down this route and, in so doing, have damaged the Faith and worse, I suspect, offended Almighty God who cannot be too pleased at the fact that young minds are being exposed to false religions in a manner that may lead them to believe that 'we are all members of the same club'.

That comment was made to my wife recently by a leading Catholic laywoman.

All members of the same club?................a good job that's it's Sunday or I might have used the rude, round and plural word.

* I mean lay chaplains, of course.

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