Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fatima and a meeting of brother priests

A 'Doctor Livingstone' moment in the crowded square

The last few days traditionally is a peak period for pilgrims visiting Fatima to coincide with the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on October 13th.

I do not know how many thousand people would have been in attendance, but it would have been a lot.

There are two priests who are so very close to the heart of my family and to whom we owe so much yet, they live and work hundreds of miles apart.

It so happened that both were in Fatima during the last week and they met, quite by chance, in the middle of the square.

Neither knew each other well; I think that they had met briefly on one occasion in the past.
 I would have given a lot to have been there in Portugal with them both and their flocks.

And, for Fr Z's brick by brick file, I have learnt that a friend in the group, never having served at an EF Mass in his life, stepped up to the mark thus enabling Fr Jones to celebrate a daily Mass.

The other priest was Fr Lessiter, another legendary priest who travelled hundreds of miles at night to bestow the Last Rites on my mother as she lay dying in hospital.

Father Lessiter has made last minute dashes a part of his ministry and he has anointed many a 'liberal' priest on his deathbed including a member of a famously modernist Bishop's staff.
Needless to say, the Bishop never knew what was taking place under his nose.

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