Friday, 12 October 2012

Are our Bishops on the greasy pole?

Damian Thompson thinks they are; I hope he is right.

The early indications might point in that direction.

The hand of Archbishop Mennini must surely be seen in all of this. The pace of change since he was appointed Papal Nuncio has increased massively.

Not that we should get overly excited, two good Bishops do not a Counter Reformation make - but it's a start, a brick by brick start and change is in the Damian's article HERE


  1. I am not sure that you have the right metaphor/cliché here. "Greasy pole" is generally used, in my experience, to refer to the difficult route to the top in a career. As for Archbishop Mennini, I know nothing of his hands but he has a wonderful face!

  2. We won't get anywhere until [to mix metaphors] those on the fence recognise which way the wind's blowing and begin to act according to their apostolic mandate rather than live their lives half-lived in fear of the +Vinster and Conference Leviathan


  3. Patricius, it is also used to describe the fairground game of climbing up a greasy pole in an attempt to get to the top. I thought it better than using other less wholesome metaphors. OTSOTA - I don't think that "recognition" will enter into it, human mortality will. Richard