Friday, 26 October 2012

Feast of Christ the King this Sunday

What will you pray for on this great feast?

Remember that, in 1925,  Pope Pius XI instituted this feast on the last Sunday of October in the Extraordinary Form, 25th November in the novo.

He created this feast as an antidote to secularism and we certainly need to remember that fact today.

But on this, one of the greatest days of HMC, surely our pleas to the Almighty will be heard with extra concern. Ask and you shall receive - so then what will you ask for?

I have a suggestion; ask for the return, the liberal return, of the Tridentine Latin Mass.
Made available to us in every parish on every Sunday.

Phew! That's a big ask.....................but not for Almighty God......the thing is that we ask Him, and on His very special day.

And, to aid the return of the EF Mass could I beg a favour? A friend is working on a project that, if successful, will advance the cause of the Latin Mass in Britain and Ireland certainly, and quite possibly a great deal more of the world.

Please pray for the success of this project. All will be revealed in due course but for now, given the enemies we have that oppose the Mass of all Time, keep it under your biretta.

Please offer up your Mass this Sunday to this cause.


The news from the organisers of the petition to the Holy Father requesting that he celebrates the old Mass in public is that it was lodged at the beginning of the month. They, the organisers, could not leave it at the office where it would have stood a chance of moving forward, instead it was taken from them at some other, lesser place - that's all I know.
Not great news but then, a prayer, a penance, a small sacrifice and who knows what could result.
More Rosaries need.

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