Friday, 25 November 2011

What can you buy for £680? could get a very good meal for six at The Ivy Restaurant....or a really well tailored suit.....or, maybe a weekend in Paris for two....

and what else?.....'t tell me, it's on the tip of my tongue......

......hang on.....I know! ........I know!......

             .....You can get a baby aborted!

Yes, a mere snip at £680....a life snuffed out and no questions asked.

H/T to Protect the Pope for the report on how the British Government shells out this sum to abortuaries for every child murdered in its mother's womb - what a society!

What's it to be?
Dinner for 6 or an abortion?


  1. Richard,
    Aye! Such is the price they put on life-The Culture Of Death!



  2. And it costs nothing for those whom the State deems 'vulnerable'. However vulnerable the mother, she's nothing like as vulnerable as her child in this nation that sacrifices life for convenience.

  3. Great post, Richard, and puts things horribly in perspective. Tweeting and linking.

    God bless!