Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shopping for food, clothes or financial services?

Give these three major companies a miss.

Tesco Stores..........Nationwide Building Society........Benetton


Tescos are sponsoring a Gay March in 2012

Nationwide Building Society sponsored Stonewall who then, under the auspices of the sponsorship awarded the outstanding journalist, Melanie Phillips, the 'Bigot of the Year Award'

The 'China meets USA' version of the offensive ad.
Benetton has now withdrawn the version showing
Pope Benedict

and Benetton for running an ad with offensive copylines showing the Holy Father and a Muslim cleric in a faux kiss of peace.

Here is an excerpt from a report by Christian Voice, an Anglican organisation:

Christian Voice E-Alert – 15th November 2011
"As reported in the Christian Voice newsletter which was published on Saturday, the respected journalist Melanie Phillips was 'awarded' the title of 'Bigot of the Year' by the Stonewall homosexual lobby group in an event sponsored by Nationwide Building Society.
I was also shortlisted for the 'award' for my comments about Elton John's designer baby and for championing the right of African nations to keep sodomy as a criminal offence. Also shortlisted was Sir Brian Souter, Bill Walker MSP and Rt Rev Arthur Roche. Read the whole story HERE.
'Bigot of the Year' is an attempt to bully and humiliate someone in public life. Not one of those shortlisted was actually invited. Bullies hate it when their victims stand up to them, and Stonewall couldn't risk that".

Stephen Green, National Director

If you wish to email a comment to these companies, here are the relevant addresses:-

Tescos....................Phillip Clarke (CEO)

Benetton....................mark "FAO: Alessandro Benetton"

Nationwide.........Graham Beale (CEO)


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