Sunday, 20 November 2011

A tragedy unfolds.....join with us if you are able

If you cannot be physically present at the National Shrine of Wales on Sunday 4th December at 3pm, then please remember us in your prayers....we few, we unhappy few, we band of brothers and sisters.

What is the occasion?

Why so pale and grim?

It will be the last EF Mass to be celebrated in West Wales - the end of a brief era that came in like a lion after Summorum Pontificum and now, goes out like a....well it goes out with its head held high at least.

RIP in West Wales!

There will be a Missa Cantata sung by the excellent schola that grew in voice and stature after 14th September 2007 and I have no doubt that the faithful band of brothers and sisters, the lay members of the Confraternity of the Holy Cross and members of the LMS will turn out in honour of Our Lady of the Taper.

After that date the nearest Mass will be around 70 miles distant, that may not sound too much, I am sure for those souls in Middlesborough, Portsmouth and elsewhere who have similar or even further distances to travel.
But it is a massive loss for those of us residing in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.

How you can help us

Please pledge a rosary for the cause of the Tridentine Latin Mass returning to West Wales and, in particular, for the Mass to return to the shrine of Our Lady of the Taper - we do not need money, just a pledge of your prayers
Please send me an email just stating 1, 2 or however many rosaries you can afford.....send it to

The pledges will be placed at the feet of Our Lady of the Taper at the National Shrine of Wales, Cardigan on Sunday 4th December and then sent to our Bishop, Bishop Thomas Burns in the form of a spiritual bouquet and petition.

Wherever you are in the world, please add your rosaries to our list, thank you.


  1. Richard,
    Sorry to hear the bad news! I will offer my daily Rosary for your intention also. the link you have does not seem to be working;maybe it's my computer!



  2. My husband and I pledge a few too and feel your pain.
    Discovering the Latin Mass (again, for me after many years,)has been the best thing in our lives this year. My ex-anglican husband recognized it as the "real Church" when he experienced it. We are blessed with having a Pius 10th a few miles away so can attend each Sunday (and 8am weekdays, if we can get up that early)
    Going to N.O. is a penance these days, but if we feel that way just imagine how it appears to Our Lord!!
    In fact, We pledge to get a Holy Mass said for your intention in Wales.

  3. I'll offer one Rosary (15 decades, or is it 20?). Can I do it at 5 a day? It is - I am ashamed to admit - one of my least favourite prayers and the hardest for me to keep up.
    Would a daily Memorare be okay?

  4. Genty - Memorare would be great....15? Just for the record.

  5. Memorare daily for six months, starting today. Rosary 15 decades.

  6. Dear Richard 70 miles is even further than we have to go!! Will offer your intentions with our Rosaries this week..5 children,1 mom, usually just the 5 decades a day before people start fighting!! 7 days in a do the maths! Love, Charlie

  7. Brilliant Charlie, thank you so much.

    Mom, Mac and Michael - thank you, so grateful.

  8. Genty - thank you so very much. I also find the rosary hard to say...but I could say that about many prayers!

  9. Daily rosary for a week for this intention (5 decades a day - concentration not guaranteed...)