Saturday, 26 November 2011

It's official! the Holy Father approves!

Yes, Pope Benedict drinks Reverend James bitter! The above picture shows him when he was Cardinal Ratzinger (but a mole in the Vatican informs me that a draycart (beer delivery truck) makes a weekly call to the Vatican and drops off a keg of the ambrosial brew). So, now the Pope drinks Rev James bitter!

Now I can honestly* claim that the Holy Father and I share the same taste in good ale** -  Amazing.

* Definitions may vary

** Any member of the Brains Cardiff Brewery Marketing team who wishes to make a handsome donation in folding money to the LOTH Fund  should send me an email.


  1. Richard,
    It's Official-Can you get me some? I have only four cans of Newcastle Brown Ale in stock at the moment! Greetings from one mighty thirsty Jarra Lad. However,I suppose it's better than Ringtons Tea!



  2. Michael - I'll swap you some Newcie for a pint of Rev!

  3. Richard,
    That Rev Bitter must be very strong if you post that the pope drinks it! Were you in your "Sups" at time of posting? :)

  4. EFPE - sadly, no Father, at my age it is "sips"
    rather than "sups"

    Lena - Cheers, I appreciate your support.