Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ten things the devil wants us to believe

  1. We have plenty of time
  2. Satan does not exist
  3. All faiths are equal
  4. Sin is old fashioned
  5. Charity involves accepting perversion
  6. Free will is the ultimate deciding factor
  7. Life is for now, not after we are dead
  8. Tarot cards, Ouija boards and astrology are good fun
  9. A child in its mother’s womb is not a ‘life’
  10. The Pope is not infallible
Any advance on 10?


  1. An extension to point 4...

    If it FEELS good then, it IS, undoubtedly, infallibly good, right and true

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  2. All good except the last one. The Church does not teach the pope is infallible. Believing the pope isn't infallible, doesn't help or hurt the devil - as it is the truth. Rather, the Church herself (as a whole) has the power to teach infallibly because the Holy Spirit protects her. So perhaps belief that the Holy Spirit does not protect the Church is something the devil would want us to believe.

  3. Zknight, not true. You are correct that the Church itself has infallibility in matters of faith and morals through her ordinary teaching magisterium, a fact that people do often tend to forget. However, in emphasizing that, you seem to have forgotten that as Peter's heir on earth, the Pope also lays specific claim to the keys of authority given to Peter by Jesus. When commenting on matters of faith and morals in union with the other bishops, the Pope himself is infallible. That's Matthew 16 right there - only Peter got both the keys and the right to bind and loose in Heaven and on earth. In Matthew 18 all Apostles (aka bishops) were given authority, but not keys. Reading in the Catechisms from paragraph 880 on might help you out in understanding this teaching of the Church.

  4. I would add, "God's love must be earned."

    NB. Infallibility is given to the Church and exercised by the Holy Father.

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  5. That's actually a pretty solid list that covers all the bases - if one knows how to connect them. You could add "We don't need Confession" to #4.

    At the sake of sounding uncharitable, that is a list that mostly applies to Satan's tricks outside the Church, where as he is very active within the Church as well. If I had a #11, I'd say Satan wants us to believe "everything is fine and dandy within the Church". You could add the lie of "if a priest or bishop says it, then it must be ok". So many Catholics today go along with something just because their priest or bishop isn't being faithful to the Church yet says it's OK. You could add going to receive Confession in a State of Mortal Sin is no big deal; everything the Church said prior to John Paul II isn't relevant to us; your public life isn't connected with your private beliefs; contraception is OK; not following Liturgical Rubriks is OK, etc, etc.

    There could be a counterpart 10-point series for the Church.

  6. It is also an error to take the opposite of #7. (The devil loves these kind of statements, where you're fooled if you believe the statement or its direct opposite.)

    Catholics are not Gnostics. We do not believe that this life is evil, and good can only be attained once we cast off a disgusting material shell. We can and should look after this life as well as the next, but with the proper priorities, just as we can and should take care of both our feet and our heads.

  7. 10 things Satan doesn't want us to believe

    1. God is All-Good
    2. The Mass is our life
    3. Mary loves us
    4. We have guardian angels
    5. Prayer is necessary
    6. Penance is necessary
    7. Holiness of matrimony
    8. Truth and beauty is connected
    9. We share in the Cross
    10. Morality exists

  8. I thought of an 11th thing satan wants us to believe.

    11. That we must earn God's Love.

  9. 11. Your sin is so grave it can not be forgiven.
    12. The Church does not understand contemporary life. So its teachings are irrelevant.
    13. You were born this way and can not change.
    14.It's only (fill in the blank) I'm not hurting anyone.
    15. God did not really mean that.

  10. For my generation, the if it feels so good/right, it must be right or an exception. That I think is one of the most dangerous mentality that as grown up with those who like me who were in high school just before the turn of the century.

  11. The number one thing that Satan wants us to believe: "Its just bread".

  12. Number 11. Most of the Catholic priests are pedophiles.

  13. Other things Satan wants us to believe include:

    1. God doesn't love us.
    2. We are bad people.
    3. If people really knew what we are like and what we have done then they wouldn't love us.

  14. So many excellent points, good material for another post! Thank you all.
    Zknight, I think Pam has given the answer to your comment.

    Fr Powell OP - a very warm Dominican welcome, God bless all.