Sunday, 13 November 2011

"I left my heart in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

I left my kidneys in Swansea town"......can you imagine ol' blue eyes singing this lovely Neither can I.

The heart of Wales!

But it is true or, at least, it is probably going to be true because the extremely sound and all knowing intellectual Welsh Assembly Government aka The Mushroom Morons, is seeking consultation on the introduction of a law to make organ donation compulsory, (after death you will be pleased to know).
 Although, nothing about the Welsh Assembly would surprise me.

After all, the Health Minister involved in this move is none other than Edwina Hart - you couldn't make it up!

Why should this worry anyone? Well, for a start it is 1984 come to life, Big Brother wants control of our key body parts; I mean, my liver, lungs and other organs are mine, specifically and unequivocally mine and no earthly body  organisation can legitimately lay claim to them.

If, after death, I wish my organs to be buried along with the rest of my mortal remains, that should be possible - but that's not going to be the case in Stalinist Wales!

Please do not misunderstand me, I am firmly in favour of organ donation, it's just that this sort of decision belongs with the individual not with the state.

But let's take a quick LOTH straw poll as to what people believe on this topic:-

Anglican Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan -
" concerned the law would consider peoples' organs as "assets of the state" instead of them being donated voluntarily." Good man!

The British Humanist Society - "Welcomes the move" No change there then!

Academic John Harris of Manchester University, expert on bio ethics -
 "In Spain, which admittedly has a different culture regarding medicine and medical ethics, the introduction of the opt-out donation system has meant the shortage of donors has been entirely eliminated and the country is now a net exporter of organs."
Hmm...along with Spain's other exports of dodgy Sangria and imitation castanets!

Another Academic, Edinburgh University's Alan Trench -
"The Government’s White Paper is problematic, for a number of legal and policy reasons, quite apart from the moral issues involved. There are potential issues of compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, particularly Article 9 (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion)".
Ah! At last, someone has mentioned 'religion' - good but Human Rights and EU Law = bad!
John Smeaton of SPUC commented -
"Presuming consent isn't the same as obtaining it, so it's not really consent at all, and such an presumption effectively nationalises everyone's bodies".
Thank the Lord for a rational approach!

Paul Botto, SPUC's Information Officer for Wales wrote -
Some countries which presume consent actually get fewer organs than are obtained in this country where consent is still needed. While organ donation can be a generous act, none of us is morally required to do it and government has no right to require it of us.
Good again!

And a spokesman spokesperson for the Catholic Church in Wales said......

............................................................................................................well, we're still waiting for that one, did you see that stone move?

Perhaps the last word on the subject should be left with someone who is not afraid to speak out, not afraid to stand up to the socialist pinkos or the Tory weasels, someone who cares not for political correctness - this is what Pope Benedict had to say on the issue back in 2007 -

'Pope Benedict began his address to the conference entitled, “A Gift for Life. Considerations on Organ Donation.” by applauding the great advances of medical science in the realm of issue and organ transplants. Though these measures give hope to people who are suffering, he lamented the problem of a limited availability of organs, as evidenced “in the long waiting lists of many sick people whose only hopes of survival are linked to a minimal supply which in no way corresponds to effective need."Despite the fact that the supply of organs is limited, the Pontiff emphasized that people can only donate, “if the health and identity of the individual are never put at serious risk, and always for morally-valid and proportional reasons. Any logic of buying and selling of organs, or the adoption of discriminatory or utilitarian criteria ... is morally unacceptable,” he stressed'.
H/T to A Catholic View arguing with that point of view!

Oh, and BTW, there is a *fifty pound note awaiting the person who can drink 3 pints of Reverend James and then pronounce the Welsh place name of -

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch -
 A Reluctant Sinner is barred from entering this competition! (as are all Welsh speakers)

* Whilst standing on their head...I am nothing if not cautious as far as money is concerned.


  1. Would LLanfairPG do? If so may I have red wine instead of beer? :-)

  2. Wales is sounding like a scary place to live. I agree that organ donation can be a beautiful act and should be encouraged, but not mandated.

    Well, there are plenty of bad things in my own country to be worried about.

  3. Llanfairpg, birthplace of the WI. Indeed to be feared.

    My younger brother and I once got our Dad to drive there and then made him spell it. Two mistakes as I remember! My Mum was visiting a friend and we had time to kill.

  4. Just a reminder, vital organ transplants are only effective if removed from a live donor. It follows that the removal of these vital organs will inevitably cause the death of the donor. Conclusion, such medical procedures totally wrong and contrary to Divine and Church law. One exception comes to mind, the donation of one kidney which leaves the donor with one remaining good kidney, and still very much alive.
    See post below for more information on this matter:-
    website of Dr Paul A Byrne MD- Catholic doctor and expert on this question