Friday, 25 November 2011

I like this post from Puff the Magic dragon

Never mind the associations that spring to mind from the name (I seem to recall a Danish couple, he bearded, she tres Scandinavian, singing the song gazing into each other's eyes, their names escape me).

The owner of the Puff the Magic Dragon blog has set up a meme, for want of a better word.

It is based on naming bloggers whom you have not met but would like to meet to have a drink with.

Here is my stab at it, though, truth to tell, there are so many great bloggers I have yet to meet that I am having difficulty in narrowing it down to four.

1. A blogger with whom I would like to go for a cup of coffee - Joyce

2. A blogger with whom I would like to invite for tea - Michael

3. A blogger with whom I would like to go out for a beer - James
4. A blogger with whom I would like to share a bottle of wine - Jane

The invited guests then make up their own lists if they so desire

I would also add Fr Ray, Fr Bede Rowe, Christine, Esther, Elise, John Whitehead, Gareth H, Charlie J, Clare, Patrick Button, Paul Smeaton, Brian, Ttony, Mary Regan, Bob, Ben, Ches, Chelliah, Breadgirl, Catawissa, Tony Layne .....and so many others to my list. But that's not allowed.


  1. Richard,
    If it's me the Olde Scribe on your list? I would rather have some "O Be Joyful"- A good strong Northern Pint! However, I would settle for a cup tea as long as it made from Rington's Tea! As ever always I enjoy your posts! God bless you.



  2. Of course it's you Michael. I must try Rington's!

  3. Richard, I enjoyed this post very much. BTW, thank you!