Sunday, 6 November 2011

Could you get insured - against becoming Catholic?

I mean, why not? Do I look like a Catholic? Speak like one?

Can you see evidence of my faith in my manner or my dress?

Do my actions betray me?

Just how should a Catholic appear?  What insurance company would take me on?

The Acme might just consider it.......


  1. While I'd seen 'the Two Ronnies' referenced, had never seen any performances: that twelve minutes ('Open University' and 'Scottish Party' too) was perfect Sunday lunch entertainment; thanks! (Your point is a good one, by the way; someone at work the other day asked me, with surprise, 'I didn't know you were Catholic?'-- not a pleasant feeling.)

  2. Richard,
    Great post-great humour: I like,just what I needed today a good laugh, thanks!


  3. Great! A Monday morning tonic!