Monday, 14 November 2011

If a 'new' Nativity took place tomorrow - where would Christ be born?

The question came to mind as I listened to the unctuous broadcast tones of Anglican Canon Giles Fraser, late of St Paul's Cathedral and, in the course of his broadcast, on pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

This was first aired on Sunday 13th November on Radio 4 at c. 7.45 am.

"If Jesus was born again" said the good Canon "He would be born in a tent along with the anti capitalist protestors" (ie outside St Paul's, a Protestant Cathedral).


Gosh Canon, that conjures up all sorts of exciting and, err.....dodgy images. Would His earthly father spend each day waving a placard stating 'Down with the State?' and his Blessed Mother, would she, perhaps, be linking arms with the other girls and chanting anarchic slogans?

And would the Word made Flesh allow himself to be inserted into this ramshackle rent-a-mob situation?

I don't think so. But just where would the infant child choose to be born (if, indeed He was to come again in this manner)?

"Upon the clouds of Heaven....."
 That is how He will come!
 Southern Sudan? Knightsbridge? Scarsdale NY? Cowbridge?

None of those smart stockbroker type belts I suspect; although Jesus Christ is a Man more than capable of confounding us in our thought processess and it could just be that He would choose to go among the bankers (the sinners, maybe) in today's world.

Where is Bethlehem 2011? A sink estate in Belfast? A hovel of rubble in Tripoli? A Council house in Merthyr Tydfil? A penthouse in Mayfair?

My best guess would be that it would be somewhere where the Palestine - Rome situation of His birth was replicated to some degree.

Iraq, Cuba, China........quem sabe?


  1. I remember hearing of an American Cardinal who, in response to a heckler who said "Christ never had a Cadillac" said "if He was born in Los Angeles He would!"

  2. Maybe India? And Mother Theresa was there (cus she was in the know) to make sure he was looked after by her nuns!!!

  3. Obviously, it would have to be wherever there was a copious supply of Starbucks.
    PS I'm afraid the former Canon = the "off" switch in my house.

  4. Fr EF - like it!

    Momangelica, I think India would be a good bet.

    Genty - it was a penance I can assure you!

  5. To be serious, I think He would return to the land of His birth. In His time His reach was extraordinary. With modern transport He could reach the parts of the Middle East where Christianity is being decimated.