Friday, 11 November 2011


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The decision by Tescos, to sponsor the homosexual march in London (London Pride), is causing outrage amongst the Christian community - or some of them.
Many people have written to Tescos CEO, Phillip Clarke, to complain; here is one letter kindly sent to me by GM (my comments in red):

Dear G
Thank you for your comments regarding our involvement in London Gay Pride. I am grateful for the opportunity to explain our position on this matter.

Tesco is an inclusive business and we seek to reflect the communities we serve. (Just what does that mean? Do they serve Smokers? Bank Robbers? Islamists? Gypsies? Left handed people - or the Left footed ones?)This enables us to keep improving the shopping experience for our customers and the working environment for colleagues.(How, precisely?)
Everyone (except Christians) is welcome at Tesco. As part of this commitment, we support a number of organisations and partners which reflect the diversity of cultures (really? homosexual acts are cultural?) throughout the country and who shop and work with this business. This year we are supporting the Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Scotland as our charity of the year, working with Whizz-kidz to provide placements for young wheelchair users and working with Remploy and others to offer job opportunities to disabled and disadvantaged people. (So how much cash are you putting up?) We are proud to have been invited to support World Pride in 2012 among a variety of community and charitable events.

When taken together, our support for community based activities are (?) the expression of our company values which are: 'No-one tries harder for customers' and 'treat people as we like to be treated'. This means that we do not campaign for or promote any particular position but seek to operate in a way which means we 'live' these values. As a diverse business in a country of varied culture (sic) and background (sic), we believe it is right to embrace that diversity and to reflect the lives our customer’s lead, which is inclusive of both faith and sexual orientation in all their difference.
(Excellent, when can we expect the animal rights terrorists, the paedophiles' society and the goat lovers club to be included in this exciting range of diverse embracings?) I respect your point of view and understand that there are others who share it. However, our position is simply that 'Everyone is Welcome at Tesco' (except shoplifters, the homeless and the unwashed) which means that sometimes we find ourselves in a position where the interests of one may come up against the beliefs of another. Our hope is that this leads to a sense of inclusion for everyone who shops and works with us. (Pass the bucket please nurse).Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I trust that I have clarified our position on this matter.

Kind Regards

Dominic Wheeler
Tesco Customer Service

Having read all of this dire hogswash you may wish to write to them yourself if you have not already done so:-

                                             Mr P Clarke
                                             Tesco Stores Ltd
                                             New Tesco House
                                             Delamere Road
                                             EN8 9SL

PS: They might even wish to sponsor SPUC, that would be inclusive......don't hold your breath!

A commentator has reminded me of the email address for Tescos...

Here is the message....

"You can email your concerns at this contact:
 Andrew Higginson or Philip Clarke  to Please post this on to as many families and friends as possible. Health Protection Agency. (note sex workers marching in parade) (note man and his dog at 3:50 seconds) (hatred directed towards those who reject gay marriage)

Richard, Bishops? This is the second reformation remember. So everybody, speak out now, use the time you have left with the freedom to do so, the world chastisement is here and getting denser with it's darkness. Church Militant here we come. Pius Xth naturally"

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