Thursday, 3 November 2011

God of mercy and compassion

One of the best hymns...and perfect for November

For the deceased family, friends and benefactors of all who read this blog

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace.


  1. Thank you Richard for posting this.

    God bless,

  2. One of my favourite's too. I used to play it (on guitar, and it works, before you all groan) this time of year and during lent at my old parish but to my horror found the words were changed in the Laudate hymnal.

    You do come up with good posts Richard.

  3. Jane, many thanks.

    Momangelica - accompanied by tambourines? Ha ha!

  4. Agreed, a lovely old hymn which, sadly seems to be sung quite rarely nowadays.

    It was often sung to a different tune in parishes in the north of England - a lovely melody which must have been quite local as I've only ever seen it published in one hymn book - the parishes I know which used it always seemed to have it written out in manuscript.

    But it would be good to hear the words sung more often to which ever tune.

  5. What! Tambourines during solemn Church times! I was never an Evangelical or Charismatic just a provider of voice + chords v nothing. But the challenge is set. I will play you the very hymn next we meet. And,I expect a rousing join in from you Richard.