Thursday, 24 November 2011

The German Bishops just don't get it!

I shall refrain from using any German expletives here (great though they are at releasing one's angst!).

But really, the German Bishops are a bunch of limited thinkers are they not?

First they invest Diocesan funds into shares of  Weltbild, a publishing house that allegedly (note the word, allegedly) publishes pornography - yes, really! Catholic Bishops backing porno mags!

And now, when the mist hits the fan and they are found out...what do they do?

Of course, they do what any upright, Catholic organisation would do, they burn the shares, destroy them, commit them to oblivion and deny any future ownership of them. Or, alternatively they sell them and give all proceeds to charity in reparation of their stupid or negligent actions in acquiring them in the first place.
Or, at the very least they give the proceeds from the shares to a charity before taking the original investment sum back into their portfolio.

But......and it's a big fat German but....they don't do that.

They sell heard correctly...they are selling them and taking the accrued profits and the share price and stuffing it back in their coffers. Unless, of course, they tell the world that this is not the case.

Was that a butterfly coughing again?

O tempora O mores!


  1. I can well understand your concerns about this, Richard. Believe it or not, a number of "controversial" books, DVDs and CDs are still on sale from the Weltbild website right now. See, for example:

  2. Richard
    I saw that news item this morning in my Googlereader.
    You articulate my thoughts precisely.
    The money from the sale of these shares should be used to help the victims of the sex trade.
    They CANNOT keep it.
    I would have thought that to be blindingly obvious.
    Another very disturbing aspect of this is that there are some reports that some faithful catholics had brought these complaints to the Bishops back in 2008.
    May God strengthen the Holy Father in his resolve to clear out the filth from the church.

  3. Bihsops are playing Adam's game. When found out at having done wrong, like him, they quickly try to hide the deed.

  4. I'm just as ready as any Catholic to deplore investment in pornography but I did bother to check the website of this company and it seems filled with Harry Pottet and Ken Follett. It may be that there's some secret section I couldn't find but what is the actual allegation?

  5. Frederick, Scout linked to one particular dodgy publication on the website. I have come across other examples too, but can't link to them right now.

  6. Frederick Oakley - the allegation is that Weltbild publishes within its media mix of magazines, newspapers, DVDs etc, some erotic matter (to quote the German Cardinal who has warned his confreres about this since 2008).
    One must presume that this is the case as a number of churchmen have admitted it and the Bishops, en masse, have acted at last, as a result of public pressure, and withdrawn their investment.

  7. Richard,
    This is no doubt both disgraceful and disgusting, which is all part of the diabolical disorientation in The Church!
    Maybe this is still an apt warning to some of our modern day Prelates-Our Lord Jesus Christ speaks to St. Bridget:
    "Tell him that if he wishes to be called a bishop in the justice of the divine judgment, he must not imitate the manners and customs of many who are now rulers of the Church. ...
    "Truly, the words that I said and the deeds that I did in the world are now almost completely forgotten and neglected. For this, no one is as much a cause as the prelates of the Churches.
    "They are full of pride, greed, and the rottenness of bodily pleasure. All of these things are contrary to my commandments and Holy Church's honourable statutes, which my friends [the Apostles] established out of great devotion after my ascension and after I had accomplished my will in the world.
    "For those wicked prelates of the Churches, who are filled with the malignity of an evil spirit, have left to mankind examples that are exceedingly harmful to souls; and therefore it is necessary for me to exact full justice from them by doing judgment on them, abolishing them from the book of life in heaven and placing them beside my enemy Lucifer in hell, in hellish sees that shall be the seat of their perpetual excruciation.
    "Nevertheless, you ought to know that if anyone is willing to amend himself before death by loving me with all his heart and if he abstains from sins, then I will be prompt in showing my mercy."Birgitta of Sweden (Paulist, 1990/Christian Order)

    God Bless.


  8. It's a shame. Please, pray for the german catholics. Thank you. God Bless.