Monday, 15 November 2010

Sikh daggers yes, Catholic crosses - NO!

Yet another example of appalling hypocrisy as reported in today's Daily Telegraph. A British school headteacher has agreed that Sikh students may take their "religious" daggers into school with them provided they are kept sheathed and out of sight. Daggers may be as much as six inches in blade length, more than enough for a Police Officer to get alarmed if you produced one out of your pocket or glove compartment upon request. In fact,  I am pretty certain that you would have a dose of CS gas and a free trip in handcuffs to the nearest Police Station PDQ if one was found in your possession.

Compare this with current views in the NHS and with certain national airlines (and, indeed, most public sector organisations) that public displays of crucifixes and crosses worn as jewellery are not allowed.
For a start, a dagger is an extremely dangerous weapon (but then, Satan would say the same about a crucifix!). I am sure that young Sikhs are responsible people but they share classrooms with others who may be less susceptible to virtue and who may swipe the knife to do some mischief.


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