Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Cross in the room, another sign of Grace

Archbishop Vincent Nichols has asked British Catholics to consider ways in which we can demonstrate our faith - to let the light of Christ shine out.
A previous post covered saying an Act of Grace before Meals, in public as well as private but we can also make a statement in our own homes.
The crucifix has become, for many non Catholics, a mark of repugnance, something to shy away from. Even many young Catholics, will not display a crucifix on a wall in their flat or house for fear of offending friends.

32 Crucifixes may be too many but one on the wall
sends a message
We need to overcome this and pretty damn quick! Every Catholic home should have at least one crucifix and preferably two, one in a public room (kitchen or living room or hallway) and one in the bedroom (s).
It is a constant reminder to us of our need for piety and a silent call to prayer during the day.
If you have friends who object to the presence of Our Lord on the cross, then, they are not true friends.

And remember, at Christmas, the crib and the Irish custom which has always been practised in my family, of lighting a candle in the window to show that the Holy Family would find a welcome in your home. As for Epiphany chalk, does anyone else know of this custom?


  1. "Even many young Catholics, will not display a crucifix on a wall in their flat or house for fear of offending friends."

    This is a thing I can't understand at all! I'd rather fear to offend Our Lord, not only for the love of Him but also for the fear of the consequences!

    But I must say that most people don't think like me, I quite prefer to please my conscience than other people. Some find me rather "different", a kind of alien, and they have said it already to me!

  2. .said - Catholics are different and, as far as the rest of the world is concerned we might just as well be aliens!

  3. You surprise me; I did not know some Catholics do not display a Crucufix in their homes. We have a large one in the hall by the front door and one in the main living room. I also have in an alcove type space on the staircase the statue of the Virgin Mary and another one of St Joseph and the Holy Child and often I have a burning oil light (or candles).

    What is Epiphany chalk?

    God bless.

  4. Victor, I will expand on Epiphany chalk shortly.
    God bless.