Friday, 19 November 2010

La Notre Dame de Guadalupe - Elle est Arrivee!

Croeso! Welcome to Wales to the sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (clothed in green to represent South America rather than the traditional blue), now installed in the Church of Our Lady of the Taper, the national shrine at Cardigan.

Next Sunday, 21st November, there will be a sung Tridentine Latin Mass at 3pm followed by Rosary and Benediction.


  1. Actually, the colors change, depending on the artist. One time I noticed that the bottom figure, had red, white, and blue wings. Red, white, and blue, are the colors of the US flag. I pointed this out to another person, and we looked around at other Gualupe images, and the wings weren't colored. Also, sometimes Our Lady's mantle is blue, sometimes teal, mostly aquamarine.

  2. Thanks Faith, I was under the impression that the original cloak was green but stand to be corrected.