Friday, 26 November 2010

Now they want women Deacons!

H/T to Get Religion who carries the story of US teacher, Diane Dougherty. Ms Dougherty has ambitions at taking on the Catholic Church in a move to achieve for women, the status of Deacon. Now, I am not all that keen on male deacons but female ones fill me with dread. Dread as a consequence of many issues but none of them being a dislike of women. Moral support comes from a priest, Fr Roy Bourgeois, who is already under Vatican scrutiny for participating in an "ordination of a female priest" two years ago.

Fr Bourgeois, left and two deaconesses

The Atlanta Journal, (who originally reported  the story) describes Ms Dougherty as a woman who shares her house with two cats (she must be loveable), smiles a lot and has 'eyes that flash with intellect'. Wow! In brief then: "She hardly looks like someone flouting centuries of tradition, challenging the Roman Catholic Church". What? You mean no Martin Luther costume? No Cromwelian helmet and pikestaff? Just the same old boring twin set and pearls (a definite sign of evil in my book).
According to DD she is at the forefront of a womens' movement that is determined to make a break with tradition, one that has resulted in over 200 women being ordained or created deacons in the other (small 'c') catholic church in the USA in the past few years.
The question is, does the Holy Father stay awake at night worrying about Ms Dougherty and her movements........I think not.


  1. Dear Richard

    Pray, tell us, what is it that you are, 'not all that keen on male deacons' about? My guess is you mean 'permanent' rather than 'transitional?' But a deacon is a deacon is a deacon is a deacon is a deacon is a deacon.......surely?


  2. La Iglesia no puede hacer nada al respecto, porque por la Tradición, JESÚS escogió sólo a hombres.

    No tiene poder la Iglesia para cambiar esa Tradición que JESÚS fundó. Y, en ese tiempo, a JESÚS no le importó romper y perfeccionar muchas cosas a las cuales se enfrentó.

    Y estuvo rodeado en su proclamación del Mensaje por muchas mujeres. Bien podía haber elegido a alguna y hacerla partícipe del colegio apostólico.

    Será imposible que la Iglesia mueva algo que JESÚS no hizo, porque dejaría de ser su Iglesia.

    Un fuerte abrazo en XTO.JESÚS.

  3. I really don't understand why some women fail to be happy on being women and want badly to be men. Is the place of women not good enough? Why do they want so much be in men's jobs and missions?

  4. Porque han olvidado su gran papel y la gran misión que tienen en este mundo.

    Ser madre, que sólo lo pueden ser ellas, y cooperadoras para traer vidas al mundo, es la misión más importante que se puede tener.

    María es la criatura más grande del Universo después de su HIJO JESÚS, precisamente porque es la Madre de DIOS.

    Si entendieran cuál es su papel y su importancia, el mundo iría mucho mejor. Al querer igualarse al hombre han dejado el mundo necesitado de verdaderas madres, y han pasado a ser verdugas de sus propios hijos.

    Un fuerte abrazo en XTO.JESÚS.

  5. Richard,
    The first people to proclaim the Good New were females.

  6. Yes but we may proclaim the good news in our daily mission as mothers and wives giving the example and teaching our children. And the ones that work outside, as me, they may give the example as a proper catholic should behave and teach other people too - that is, if they want to learn. There's no need to be "diaconess" for that. Let the men do manly things.

  7. Brian, perhaps it would be more accurate of me to say that I prefer or want a priest to administer to me whether that be Sacramentally or pastorally.
    It's a bit like, if you have a street problem you call on a Policeman rather than a Special Constable.
    Also, the Deacons I have seen in action, liturgically speaking, leave a lot to be desired.

    Paul: Of course you are right but don't think that my stance is anti female. Just as we will never have women priests (because the Son of God took on the male aspect whilst on earth)and because Pope JP II has stated that it was God's will that Jesus became man not woman; so, am opposed to the concept of women deacons.
    You can also tell from the lobby group exactly the type that they are. Not obedient to the Magisterium and with many bizarre concepts and ambitions.

  8. Richard

    Perhaps we can pray together during Advent on this one. I do not think it is a big issue within our Church. I am with you about a priest with me when me when I peg it to hear my confession. Pax.

    love your blog.

  9. I have posted why women can not be priests or deacons on my blog. I hope that it will come as a nice addition to this blog post, which has ultimately shocked me.

    I also have a personal letter written by His Eminence to me upon the subject also and can be viewed at:

  10. Good blog and good post Stephen. I hope it was not my post that shocked you.

  11. Hi Richard, the post i.e the subject within is what shocked me. That this is actually going on. St.Irenaeus in his letters against the heresies spoke of marcus who deludingly was ordaining women. But because the ordination of women is not set up by Christ, any ordination attempted is invalid and it does not render the woman with holy orders at all.

    Glad you liked the posts,

    Stephen <3

  12. Richard
    Thank you for replying to my comment. As you will be aware the sacraments work ex opere operato therefore as long as an ordained man is administering them as the ordinary minister – bishop,priest or deacon, I’m not quite sure that we are really at liberty to specify whom we will receive them from. Otherwise we end up with another version of ‘cafeteria Catholicism.’ Naturally I except those sacraments than can only be administered by a priest. Deacons are men in Holy Orders, just as priests are, mandated by the Church to witness sacramentally to Christ the servant. Any implied disparaging or lessening of their identity and role should be avoided. I’m sorry to hear that your experience of the liturgical ministry of some deacons was less than satisfactory. I have experienced this to, but it is not my universal experience, and equally some priests and some bishops and some altar servers (!) may leave a lot to be desired liturgically. Priests are essential – but deacons are necessary! Great blog – I really like it!

  13. agree with brian on that one. Deacons go all the way back to the first that is St.Stephen in the acts.


  14. Brian - especially altar servers. Thank you, God bless.

  15. Let me say just one more thing:
    I'm not against Deacons ( males!)but I know that there are some quite appaling. For instance, some years ago, when my older girls were preparing themselves for the Chrism, it was a Deacon that made the reunions. He was saying such strong heresies- maybe for ignorance, but that was even worse - that they were furious and chocked and went to complain to our priest. When he heard, he was silent, in absolute chock.
    For that day on, he went to the reunions and prepared them himself!

  16. Amen to that. I really don't understand why this has to be. To me, it diminishes women; it's like saying our place in the Church isn't "good enough", so we have to move into the offices of men. Women are valued members of the Church just as we are and have been for centuries!

    Then again, I'm traditional: I don't think women and girls should be altar servers, either. I think it should go back to when only boys were altar boys, and Communion ministers (if they must exist) were men.