Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Inter Faith week is here....hip, hip, pass the bucket!

Yes, Inter Faith Week commenced Sunday 21st November (cue pictures of groups of disparately dressed young men and women from various ethnic minorities). Commenced is probably the kindest word I could use; I certainly could not say 'was launched' or even, 'began' and certainly not 'opened with a bang'. More like a yawn.
Dedicating a week to inter faiths is pretty puerile really, I do not see much evidence of the Finchley Mosque mob participating or the Coventry Gurdwara clique. Much, much more work is required before these elements can be brought into the equation and brought in they need to be.

A picture of Inter Faith Week 2009 - stimulating stuff!
This is one coalition initiative that needs to take a personality test; the online blurb warbles on about 'strengthening relations,' and 'increasing awareness' - oh, please, I thought we had lost that meaningless term back in the eighties! but building a 'positive profile' now that really tells you what it's all about.
Perhaps I am being a shade hard on Eric Pickles and others of his considerable ilk. But I do find an Inter Faith week that focuses on those with 'religious and non-religious beliefs' a chutney of a different nature. What have non-religious folk got to do with Faith Week? They ain't got none and, I guess they don't want none either. And, if they do want some then a series of meaningless coffee mornings or Sitar demos down the Labour Club is not going to give them much of a clue as to the love of Christ for Man.
Whoops, sorry, shouldn't have mentioned Christ just then; I forgot that Inter Faith really means no faith whatsoever!

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