Monday, 8 November 2010

The LMS have been and gone and done it!

Shock, (not horror) just pleasant surprise. The Latin Mass Society of England and Wales has changed its website design The result is a vast improvement but, (sorry to appear as an LMS basher) it could still look a little more professional. The image of the LMS is, I suggest a big problem to priests who fear that, by 'letting them in' they will lose control of what goes on in their church, to young people who see ancient, creaky old MCs chuntering around the sanctuary and to many Catholics who view them as being a bit eccentric (that is the kindest word I could choose). And, if you click on Menevia and Wrexham you do get a page that states:
"As the Holy Father is coming to Britain we would like to say welcome to Pope Benedict XVI....."
And that is all, nothing more on those two Welsh dioceses.
Ah well, it is a not a bad start and I would not like to pour too much cold water over it (although the home page banner as above, does show a person who appears to be attempting to dance flamenco fashion!)
But, perhaps the biggest boo-boo is the absence of the image of Our Lady of the Taper. The equivalent, in Wales of Our Lady of Walsingham who is beautifully and prominently featured. Surely, in the interest of balance Our Lady's image from the National Shrine of Wales could have been included.


  1. To be honest the Menevia/Wrexham website could do with some more urgent updating than the main LMS page. Perhaps a task for those of us who are interested in both the Latin Mass and modern methods of communication.

    As far as I can see the problem (at least here in Wrexham) is that the EF has not really taken off as a possibility in anyone's imagination. At least, anyone who has the ability to do anything about it. That said, I am impressed by the perseverance of LMSers here, and there has certainly been an improvement since SP came into force. But, we will have to see what comes; at the moment the future for this diocese is certainly in the balance.

    Nice blog, by the way.

  2. Thanks Mystra. Maybe there ought to be a bit of a coming together of North and South (or North and West) here.
    Perhaps next year's Pilgrimage to St Winifrede's could be a focal point. Or, a Welsh contingent on next October's March of Reparation in London?

  3. The diocesean pages are maintained by local reps (or other locals on their behalf); if you look more closely you will see they are 'embedded' in the main site but aren't part of it.

    If you'd like to offer your services to the hard-pressed local reps of Wales I'm sure you know who to talk to.

  4. I understand that local reps organise the local pages but some of them (the pages, that is) are not in an up to date state. Maybe Head Office might step in to support them in this.
    Also, re the main website, what about Our Lady of the Taper? Surely she should be featured as well as Our Lady of Walsingham.