Saturday, 20 November 2010

A cry for peace from a 3 year old, and then he is shot dead

3 year old Adam, shot through the mouth
This is 3 year old Adam who was brutally martyred by Islamic fundamentalists on 31 October in Baghdad. May God receive his soul into Heaven.
He was one of seventy innocents (Assyrian Catholic Christians) who were murdered in their church. H/T
This does not make comfortable reading; terrorists entered the Church and began shooting the congregation indiscriminately. Little Adam shouted to the gunmen to stop and then one forced a gun into Adam's mouth and shot him.
Christians in Iraq are under massive threats to their lives. They are murdered in their Churches and now they are being targeted in groups or singly. They are shot out of hand or, often, blown up if they are in a group.
Pray for peace to come to Iraq, pray for the souls of the Holy Innocents murdered for the Faith and pray also for those who commit the acts of violence against them that God may remove the scales from their eyes and enlighten them as to the truth.
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  1. May God receive the soul of this child martyr into heaven.

    May Our Lord - the perfect judge - bring down his vengeance heavily on all Islamic fundamentalists, in this life and in the next.

  2. Poor child...and such a horrible tragedy. God is on high. He still reigns, regardless of the chaos in the world and the violence in our midst.

  3. Hello Richard

    Too awful for words. God help those people.

    Thank you for drawing attention to this terrible, terrible murder. I have posted a link to this post because it is something which should get more publicity. The cruel treatment of persecuted Christians around the world doesn't get the media exposure it deserves.

    God bless you, Richard.

  4. Things like this should never happen. How can people justify atrocities like these? May God have mercy!

  5. This is a historical problem in Iraq, not a new one. I know that the fact that things like this have happened routinely throughout history (at least the last number of decades) does not lessen the horror and tragedy of what occurred recently nor the pathos of the little boy. I work with many Iraqi and Assyrian Christians, some of whom have lost relatives and most of whom fear for their relatives. We need to pray for all of them -- the victims, the potential victims, and the Muslims who consider Christians "infidels" to be liquidated by the order of Allah. (Some would say that they are misreading the Qu'oran; others would insist that they are reading it correctly.) What needs to be weeded out is the hatred of the "other" -- regardless of what characteristics make someone an "other." Iraq will not be at peace until that happens. May God intervene to help His children living in that part of the world.

  6. What needs to be weeded out is the hatred of the "other" -- regardless of what characteristics make someone an "other."

    Elizabeth: as much as I hate to break this to you but Islam will never modify its hatred of Christianity. Their religion is not inspired by God but by him that St. Michael and his angels, cast out of Heaven (but who they name "Allah"). Muslims will never rest until, the world is under the slavery of Mohammet. Whether it is by mass immigration or by the use of the sword, they will not rest.

    What is more saddening, is the Catholic church, still insists on having ecumenical relations with these barbaric people.

  7. He is in Heaven now, precious child