Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - A Catholic Feast?

A Happy Thanksgiving to all US readers

Despite  strongly held views that Thanksgiving is rooted in USA Protestant history, there are equally strong beliefs that it owes its origin to Catholic settlers.
One of the Catholic versions involves an indian chief called, Squanto, of the Patuxit tribe,  who was a baptised Catholic and, so the story goes, it was as a token of thanks for his mediation that the settlers rewarded his tribe with a feast in grateful thanks.
From the rather conflicting evidence I would not wish to put any folding money as to who or where the actual tradition started, but it was bad news for turkeys!

Squanto, Chief of the Patuxits

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  1. Thank you, Richard for the holiday wishes. I had no idea that Squanto was a baptised Catholic. How interesting!