Friday, 26 November 2010

LMS or TPST?....LMS I think

They will be all a flutter in Macklin Street at this but, when it comes to the Extraordinary Form of Mass training programmes for priests, I support the LMS - faint, swoon.
The reason for posting this is that I have just received, through the post, a leaflet from the Traditional Priests' Support Trust, part of the purpose being to elicit funds for the aforesaid purpose of training.
Fine. Nothing wrong with that, maybe it is an offshoot of recalcitrant LMS bods who want to do it their way. I have no problem with that.
The but, (there is always a 'but') is that this group, the TPST, has all the hallmarks of being SSPX.

The LMS Priest training programme

Again, I have absolutely no problem with that, per se. My problem is that they should be clear and unequivocal as to whom they are. I have donated small sums in the past to this organisation without appreciating they were, apparently, SSPX.
I would not do so now. The climate has changed since Summorum Pontificum and the onus is on the SSPX to come back whilst there is still a chance.
Now, a plug for the good old Latin Mass Society; they have organised some excellent programmes for priests and have developed a 'critical mass' of candidates for the Traditional Mass - well done them, they need our support as being the largest and best equipped priest training intiative we have.
That's my view on the issue; you must support whichever of the two you wish.

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