Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ten things you will not find in a Catholic home

  1. Statues of heathen deities Ganesh, Buddha etc
  2. An Ouija board
  3. Poster of Che Guevara
  4. Contraception pills
  5. Abortifacients
  6. Taize CD
  7. The Tablet
  8. A crystal
  9. Astrology charts
  10. A wooden cross

And.......certainly not......

...this book or any other by this man!


  1. Taize...I think I might have one of those. I like their music, I think, don't I? Is it repetitive chant stuff?

  2. Good stuff, Richard, but...

    I have several crystals in my rock collection...

    And every Opus Dei house has a bare wooden cross outside the oratory as a reminder to members to take up their cross and follow Him.

  3. Good list, Richard! Although, I do not know what the Tablet is. God bless.

  4. Esther, thank you. The Tablet is allegedly a Catholic magazine but with an anti papal agenda.

    Ben, as long as you don't stare too hard at the crystals, that's OK. I didn't know that about OD - as they say on Desert Island Discs, "We'll allow that one"

    Shadowlands - sorry to tell you this but you've got lousy taste in music - Pax!

  5. I'm OK then - I haven't got any of those except two small bare wooden crosses. One was given me by my dear, now deceased, cousin and the other was fashioned from the floorboards of our old parish church when they knocked it down to rebuild it. Small crosses were sold to raise funds and I bought one - but might not have done if I had seen the plans of the new church first! I have plent of proper crucifixes though!

  6. I have a wooden cross. That rules me out doesn't it if I were thinking of conversion to the Catholic faith? Good post.

  7. Rather Taizé than the likes of Haugen or Haas, though! Surely we might be able to agree on that!?

    I also have a wooden cross, from Assisi.

    Agreed on all the others though!

  8. I have a Carmelite cross which is a wooden cross. Perhaps you might explain since several of us seem to have wooden crosses in our homes

  9. Oops, I have a Taize CD which I like to listen to occasionally late at night if I'm feeling to tired to pray.

  10. A wooden cross? Why not?

    THE TABLET: A couple of years ago a priest-friend of mine, gave to me 2 years worth of the Tablet. I read them while attending to horse feeding (horses eat twice a day). Some articles were of worth but the general stance of the magazine was simply liberal and not worth a serious read.

  11. Some religious orders (including the Carmelites) have a tradition of a bare wood cross without corpus on the wall in each cell (room) representing "their cross" since they are crucified together with their Bridegroom, Jesus.

  12. Thank you all for your comments, please keep them coming.
    I am trying to pull together a post that explains my views regarding the wooden cross and hope to have it onstream in a day or two.