Monday, 29 August 2011

And for my next trick.......

  I plan to place my head into the lion's mouth!
Yes, after the world and his friend have commented on altar girls here is my take on the matter.
They are wrong, out of place and should not be on the sanctuary......all of the sound, rational reasons have been well made, especially by William Oddie of

I cannot add much more to that other than to feature Cardinal Arinze's words on females altar servers under the heading: "It was all a mistake".

This is not a question of equality although, I do freely admit that not enough is done to provide for young women in serving a parish. Perhaps a special guild should be set up with this in mind. Their duties should not be any more menial than an altar boys.....any ideas re patron saints for such a guild?

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  1. I simply accept Church teaching on these matters. I am blessed to be affirmed as a woman, in spite of any attacks the world and the church members have thrown at me.

    However, some women seem to take on board not being able to have the man's role as a personal rejection, the deeper fear being that maybe God himself rejects them.

    If a woman's true value in God was affirmed at a public level in the Church, I think all the fighting about being a priest etc would fade away.

    Put it this way, what Our Lady has given to me, I wouldn't swap for all the tea in China (and I am particularly partial to tea).

    Mary will tell a woman and a girl, who she is, in God's eyes. Unlike the flattery of a man or the esteem of position, this inward affirmation of your being, will not fade or tarnish like worldly trophies.

    Seek it. It's there. Don't miss out, all that glitters is not gold, as the bible says.

    And you men! Meditate on what you find least pleasant to be teased about. Whenever you next mock or join in with other's mocking (especially priests) of women and they show hurt feelings, don't poopoo this. Think how you might react in a similar position. Remember you are aware of your value, some women are not. Make them aware. You are responsible, as God's other Christ's on earth(if you are ordained etc). Ask Our Lady to protect them. Fast for them. Love them as Christ does.

    Now everybody get on with it. Oops! Did I just type that out loud?