Saturday, 20 August 2011

Today's feast - Pope St Pius X

This is a special day. The feastday of a saint who was alive when my parents were young adults; a saint whose works are within living memory (my wife has a friend locally who was 6 years old when he died (she has just celebrated her 103rd birthday), a saint who led the way to block the advances of modernism.

The eyes have it - Pope St Pius X
Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto

All of the photographs of this man show a personality not to be trifled with; in particular, his eyes never seem to vary from photograph to photograph - they are level, unwavering and constant, just as our faith should be.

Now let me guide you to some holiday reading, perhaps by a limpid pool of blue water with a glass of chilled La Ina and a bowl of salted almonds at your elbow...tempted?.....of course you are, it is Pope St Pius X's encyclical on modernism.......
.............Pascendi Domini Gregis.....enjoy (as they irritatingly say):-

You will find it here......Click!

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  1. He certainly had their number. And so nu-Church came to pass. Frightening.

    How dismally familiar this one sentence must be to Pope Benedict, vis. ad limina visits: "For a moment they have bowed their head, only to lift it more arrogantly than before."