Friday, 26 August 2011

Michael Voris - another opportunity missed

I never made it to London to hear Michael Voris speak. I am still biting my knuckles and kicking the cat (I don't actually own one but if I did I would kick it, sorry cat lovers). I like this man immensely yet he seems to attract quite a degree of criticism from fellow Catholics.

They appear not to like his 'slick performance' - would that we had a few more 'slick performers' - to me that just means someone who is able to communicate in a lively fashion. They say that the human attention span lasts for 30 seconds when being addressed (sermons included) so you need to be pretty damn slick to hold an audience for an hour or more.

They (the ubiquitous 'They') also do not like the fact that he is a layman - come on! No Bishop is going to speak out on behalf of the faith so welcome the fact that a layman does so. And why shouldn't a layman speak out? Don't Catholic bloggers sound off on every facet of the faith? All that Voris is doing is making video clips and personal appearances whereas we do the same thing (less effectively) on the blogosphere.

I am also somewhat filleted over the fact that I missed out on the pub session after the show (let alone the lunch beforehand). What an opportunity to meet Fr Ray Blake and so many of the other big bloggers. Chizzle!

Michael Voris -
"I come not to bring peace but a sword..."
Matthew 10:34

But, seriously, there is nothing wrong in having someone speak out confidently and confrontationally - Archbishop Sheen did it, St Edmund Campion did it, St Thomas More acted in such a manner and all manner of lay members of the Catholic Evidence Guild did it over many years at Speaker's Corner - so there is a precedent! It's just that Voris does it bigger and better.

Now some have stated that he (Voris) did not always present the facts in an authentic manner; by which I believe they mean that Voris got some of his theology slightly wrong. That may well be, as stated earlier, I was not there.  But, if Michael Voris did get some aspects wrong then we should judge him as a man who gets up to speak more or less ex tempore, no notes, no visual prompts; I guess that even Aquinas may have trod in the brown stuff once or twice under such circumstances - that's not an excuse for the chap, just a reason why absolute perfection might escape us all under similar circumstances.

God bless Michael Voris and may his next stop be Cardiff!


  1. Richard,
    Well said; great post!


    (The Jarrow Scriptorium)

  2. Each to his own I suppose. Are you going to the Blessed Guild Meeting in October Richard?

  3. Yes Ros, I hope to be there. Hope you can make it.

  4. I would love to get there and meet everyone!

    Will we need to bring sandwiches and a flask?

    By the way Richard, I bought a black Mantilla at Edgbaston Oratory, last week. £10.95p I also managed to get hold of some rosary beads that the Pope had blessed when he was there, last September. I went to confessions during Mass, so received Holy Comunion in a state of grace for sure.

    I like that, I might make it a habit. Please God.

  5. Ros - Not sure about the domestic arrangements, will ask Dylan. Mantilla is good, pity we poor males are handicapped by having nothing to offer up in that way.

  6. Good post, Richard! Michael Voris isn't exactly my cuppa, but I occasionally enjoy his forthright style. It seems many of his detractors forget that we have need of an occasional St. Jerome or St. Wilfrid — defenders of the Faith willing to make enemies by speaking bluntly. Like you, if Voris has made any theological errors, I wasn't there for it. But we're all allowed to make the occasional goof, so long as we have the grace to admit it when they're pointed out to us!

  7. Fr. Jaki quotes Newman [in his book on Neo-Arianism]:
    "If the Church would be vigorous and influential, it must be decided and plain-spoken in its doctrine".

    Newman also noted that in the days of Arius, it was the lower clergy and the laity who spoke out most clearly against Arius, the darling of the politicians.

  8. I admire Michael's apparent love for our Church, however I disdain his divisive rhetoric. To compare him to an Archbishop with cause for the canonization, a priest/saint and a martyr at this point is obtuse and absurd.