Tuesday, 30 August 2011

No blog day!

I am taking a day off blogging and giving anyone who wanders onto this site a bit of a well earned respite - you see, it's my one hundred and eleventieth birthday and I am off to celebrate in a sedate (but not overly so) style.

For those who are not Tolkien fans, this is
Bilbo, not me!


  1. A very happy Birthday my dear friend Richard!

    I thank God for bringing you into my life, you terrible cumudgeon you! And now you tell us you're are also over a hundred and ten! That's pre Vatican I even, you could almost be an author of the catechism. You're Council of Trent original!

    Friends like me are rare, praise God (Only jokin I'm a hundred and two!) ;)

  2. Well, you don't qualify for a Methuselah. However, I think we might stretch to a Balthazar, O wise one.
    Happy birthday 'n' that.

  3. Richard,
    Happy 111th Birthday from The Scriptorium; I wish I was joining you for pint!

    Ye Olde Jarra Scrbe

  4. Happy birthday, Richard, and many, many more!

  5. Happy Birthday, Richard!

    With prayers for your intentions.

  6. All: Thank you dear friends I am much buoyed up by your kind wishes. God bless.

  7. And I missed this - sorry! I hope you had a fine party, and that J*ck D*n**ls was an honoured guest.

    I guess you're still a young man - I've been keeping quiet about my birthdays for years.

    God bless!

  8. P.S.

    Back to work today! You've a blog to support and your hungry readers are rattling their spoons. :)

  9. Thanks Chris...I can recommend retirement, just come to the end of my first year of it. I will keep the JD for my centennial year!