Sunday, 14 August 2011

The 2012 Olympics could cost as much as £20 billion!

And then something like this happens.........

Just a footnote on another matter. Some people have left comments on other blogs accusing me of having "strange ideas".
I would just like the following to go on record:-

1. This blog represents my views and mine alone (as well as the Holy Roman Church)

2. My blog has no connections with any priest from any Diocese.

3. My blog is not connected in any way with any Catholic organisation (although it may well carry information at times on behalf of others)

4. Finally, I am not sure what is meant by "strange ideas" - I do admit to a childish sense of humour, a dislike of cant and pomposity, an aversion to CINOs and a passion for Reverend James bitter - mea culpa!


  1. Let us all be strange together! Chesterton would want it no other way!

    Besides in a world where people excuse those who burn down homes and businesses on the count of poverty when they wear £100 trainers, gold chains and carry £300 phones; and where bankers wreck whole economies then go back to grabbing big, fat bonuses as soon as the media switch to something else -- what on earth could anything we poor Catholics say be as weird in the weirdness stakes besides all that!

    As Mother Theresa said (I paraphrase) they will knock you down and say nasty things, but write that blog anyway.

    I think Lemmy from Motorhead said something similar?

  2. Who said this? I'll giv 'em a thump!

  3. Could be the same person/people consistently ticking the "dislike" box on the RS blog. Don't forget there are some who just don't get irony and others who shrivel up at the hint of plain speaking.
    I like the strange, the eccentric; the ineffable, even, and I'm as sane as you are.