Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10 burning questions that demand an answer

Why is it that we soldier on, going to Mass, being (or trying to be) good Catholics and accepting the same old no change message?

Catholic laity are treated like mushrooms
- kept in the dark and, every so often a load
of crap is dumped upon them!

Of course, we sound off on our blogs and to like minded friends but it ends there....no answers to our questions.

Here are my ten questions that I would like someone (even a Bishop) to provide answers to...

1. Why do we have Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion?

2. Why does Archbishop Nichols allow Masses to continue at Warwick Street,
    where homosexuality is held up as something to be valued?

3. When will the Holy Father celebrate an EF Mass in public?

4. Why is the EF Mass not taught at seminaries?

5. Why do Bishops not impose discipline (dress, liturgy, general behaviour) on
     their clergy?

6. Why are Catholic schools so appallingly bad (most of them) at catechising
    the young?

7. Why do Bishops not welcome support from traditional orders such as the
     FSSP and the ICKSP?

8. Why do priests remove communion rails and insist upon the faithful
    standing to receive the Host?

9. Where are our great apologists when it comes to representing the faith on
    television and radio?

10. When will Bishop Regan of Wrexham Diocese retire?

This list is not exhaustive, please feel free to add to it.


  1. Here are my answers:

    Because you can't prise their fingers off the chalice

    That's a good question

    Unlikely; he can predict the furore

    Rhetorical question

    For the same reason that priests say nothing about the state of undress at Mass

    They didn't receive proper catechesis themsleves, starting in the 1970s

    They'd be shown up

    They're frightened of their liturgists and their bishops

    They are too busy sharpening their quill pens

    He's not the retiring type

    Do I get a prize?

  2. Please help me for Christ sake

  3. Genty - you collect your prize in Heaven!