Sunday, 21 August 2011

It starts with a flower festival and ends with Walt Disney!

I do not normally comment on happenings in the Protestant Church except when they impinge on Catholic matters but I have to make an exception in this case.

St David help us! Still, it's probably
 the most animation this Cathedral has
seen in the last 475 years!
Flower festivals in church leave me cold (sorry Arundel Cathedral flower arrangers). They come about third on my curmudgeon's dislike list after guitars and Euphemistic Ministers (thank you Catholic and Welsh for that title).
Why? Because although people say that they are done for the greater glory of God, I believe that they attract for all the wrong reasons and detract from the Real Presence in the tabernacle.

In addition, they are the soft start to other 'activities' in church.....the Primary School play, a choral concert and now.....Walt Disney!

Not, of course, in a Catholic church but in what used to be a Catholic church, St David's Cathedral in the far west of far flung Pembrokeshire.

This must surely fall under the category 'Amazing but True' -  a special Friday* night screening is being promoted of the Disney "Up" animated film - more like 'Down' in my book.

The film was first premiered in 2009 and features a 78 year old widower who hitches balloons to his house and floats off with a young boy on board...ahem....let's leave it there shall we?

But what the H*** is it doing in a holy place like St David's Cathedral?

*Friday 26th August


  1. Perhaps the balloons are taking them up to meet the sky fairy.
    Worse than the 99 names performed in Westminster Cathedral? Dunno.

  2. Genty - ha, ha! That was mu guess also.
    Don't know about the 99 names....anything to do with ice cream?

  3. Sir John Tavener's The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, commissioned by the Prince of Wales who attended the performance at the Cathedral in 2007.
    Don't often get to hear Catholic litanies there, though.