Sunday, 23 June 2013

How to halt The Tablet in one easy move

Close the Tablet - Tabula Delenda Est!

Tyburn Tree has posted on Facebook, with a suggestion  of how to call a halt to The Tablet and its utterances, in particular, criticising Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

As with all good ideas, it has simplicity at its base.

Here is what TT has to say on the matter:-

       "This is just a thought. 
                      Perhaps people who attend Westminster                 
                   Cathedral could be encouraged to desist  
                    from putting money in the collection until  
                  such time as the Tablet is removed (and 
                      write to His Grace to that effect)".

Great idea. But why restrict it to Westminster Cathedral?

Why not withold normal weekly donations to the collection plate?

Always provided, of course, that you attend a parish where The Tablet is on sale.

If the thought of holding back your dues is worrying you, why not just place the money in a safe place pro tem and then pay up once the offending rag has been removed?

 For good.

Seems a sound concept to me.

Nothing focuses the attention of their Lordships better than a reduction in turnover.

So please....desist.....yes, desist......DESIST!


  1. What are you afraid of? Sincere Catholics seeking to discern God's will? Proper theological debate? Challenge from the pastoral experience of those living the faith? Just because we don't agree with others doesn't mean we should try to silence them. Your proposal is the response of totalitarians. You don't have to buy the Tablet but it might well do you some good simply to see that other faithful people don't always agree with your views. Judge not the ye be not judged

  2. The Tablet ascribes to something opposed to the Catholic Faith, which is an objective reality - not what we choose to make it.

  3. Sincere Catholics seeking to discern God's will? Don't make me laugh.

    Obviously the Tablet has its place, but not in a Catholic church.

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  5. FO - I am not afraid of The Tablet, I just do not think that a magazine so rabidly anti Catholic has any place within the Church.
    Let it be sold on the shelves of WH Smiths or wherever, but not on church premises.
    And, by making that last statement (Judge not etc) you have fallen into your own trap by doing precisely that. Not that I think it wrong, I think it is good to make judgements, it's just that it has become the mantra of the liberal brigade.

  6. Frederick,

    you are probably unaware that the following beliefs constitute a mortal sin known as an Offence Against Faith (and that's just for a start):

    Pro-same-sex marriage
    Pro-women priests
    Pro-sex before marriage

    You know very well that the Tablet employ writers who have these belief systems.

    With regard to your comment I hope you can see that logic shows that those with these beliefs are in fact 'not being faithful'.

    So how is it that you believe it is acceptable to promote beliefs that lead people into mortal sin? Do you really believe that there is no such thing as mortal sin?

    Are you aware that absolutely no theology changed at Vatican II regarding mortal sin. You can close your eyes and put your hands over your ears and believe otherwise, but I am afraid nothing will change. The pre-Vatican II teaching will still be there..

    Are you also aware that when you follow church teaching that you are in fact not being obedient to the Catholic Church (as many believe), but to Christ himself. So, what is it that you have against Christ? You obviously do not think He is divine enough to be correct in His teaching.

    Liberal Catholics can not usurp the renewal of church teaching; only the Holy Spirit can do that. The reason why many of the views held by Tablet writers are in error is because at no point in church history have these beliefs been allowed to constitute church teaching. Why? Because one of the ways that church teaching has developed over 2000 years is by clergy crying "heresy" when something contrary to the teaching was proposed. Guess what? Cardinals, Bishops and clergy are still crying "heresy" with regard to the points of dissent expressed by Tablet writers and other dissenting Catholics.

  7. It would seem that Bishops and priests who allow the Tablet to be sold at the back of their churches have either never read it ( doubtful ) or sympathise with its dissenting agenda.
    Rather than withold money from these churches it would be better if people took their money elsewhere. Preferably to a church that celebrates the TLM.