Saturday, 1 June 2013

The poll is dead!

The vote on Muslim Prayer Rooms on my sidebar has suffered from, what shall I call it? Pollution?

As a result, it is now dead, extinct, it has ceased to exist.

Another poll that has ceased to exist

Yes, lets call it pollution and leave it there.

Some have suggested that I run it again but, with the best will in the world, it just will not be the same.

Never mind, we know that, overwhelmingly, the people who voted were opposed to Catholic School premises being used for worship by those of the Islamic faith.

Many of those who have written to me asking for their names to be included are school teachers.
All of them are suffering for their Faith (for presenting the teachings of HMC without any touchy feely perversions).

But, this abuse of Church teaching, and of Church premises continues apace.

There is a great deal of duplicity taking place.

Parents who have struggled to give their children a Catholic education, find that another religion is being inserted into the ethos of the school.

School mission statements, ever bland, are in breach of what they promise, 'A good, Catholic environment etc'

And the misuse of school premises presents those involved in making rooms available, with the charge of theft.

Yes, the sin of theft. 

There are costs associated with every physical part of a school;  rates, heating, lighting, caretaking, maintenance. If those costs are used for any purpose other than those intended, it amounts to stealing.

I mention this fact only because it tends to get overlooked when we speak of the equally serious religious aspect.

The letter to Archbishop Peter Smith will be sent next Friday 7th June and, if you have not already added your name, please do so now, either by emailing me on or, by leaving your name in the comment box.

Of course, Southwark is not the only diocese where such abuses are taking place, but we have to make a start somewhere.

Thank you.



  1. Thank you and bless you for always persevering.

  2. So were you hacked by Muslims or deacons?

    Good luck with your approach to Abp Smith: I would add "Eccles" to the signatories, but this might not be very helpful. But who knows, I may be in the list anyway...

  3. Muuuuuu-ahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!! -twiddles moustache-

  4. I suppose that if the same government and cultural milieu obtained in 1939, the British people would have been required to apologize for disapproving of Nazis.

  5. Richard, someone really is trifling with your site, and has made accessing "add comment" a little more difficult through blank-outs, blockages, and repeated requests for passwords.

    Really, I didn't know our IRS (=Inland Revenue) or Democratic (not) Party operated in the UK.

  6. Not Deacon Blue today, clearly. LOL

  7. Why have my comments on the previous post been deleted, Richard?

  8. Red Maria, sorry but I am getting rather fed up with fractious dissent. Dissent by all means but constant sniping, no.

  9. In which case I'm baffled as to why you deleted my comments for they were polite and reasonable.

    It seems to me that the only way the objections which are being expressed can be met is first by understanding them. Understanding can only be achieved by a process of questioning.

  10. Red Maria - 'polite and reasonable' are in the eye of the beholder. I did not think so.

    1. Why not?

      Can you explain, giving examples, how my comments were anything but polite and reasonable?

  11. "Understanding can only be achieved by a process of questioning."

    I would love to have been there when you took your driving test.

  12. Well done hackers. How long can you keep nonsense like this buried?