Sunday, 2 June 2013

So what's right wing about being orthodox?

A fine example of a left wing Catholic

There are those who squeal and whine about 'labelling' because, in their eyes, we are all Catholic.

Well, we are not all Catholic; quite a few have no place in the Church and should leave pdq.

But, just as they moan about being labelled, they also talk of traditionalist Catholics, those who try and attend a Tridentine Latin Mass as opposed to the new thingy, as being 'right wing'.

Well, I just don't get it.

Hitler was a right winger, Il Duce was another - we have nothing in common with them (apart from a toothbrush moustache and a funny uniform).

Whereas, those dear folk who dress to the left in liturgical terms do appear to have a great deal in common with the socialist agenda and all the mumbo jumbo it entails.

Adhering to Church teaching is surely neither left, middle or right wing, it's just, well it's just...being Catholic?

But, for those who ignore Church teaching, the new breed of *parish administrator, counsellor, co-ordinator, those who connive and spin threads of venom against orthodox priests and parishioners who do hold hard to doctrinal certainty;they are just displaying typical socialist behaviour patterns.

Make snide remarks, send anonymous letters to the Bishop, tittle tattle against those who do the correct thing. Those are all marks of the class snitch.

That is not Catholic behaviour, but Chairman Mao or Trotsky would certainly have approved.

* Yes, I do accept that there are some good parish administrators and so on.


  1. It is always worth repeating to the liberals what Michael Voris says about the return of Latin Mass to make the point that being orthodox is nothing to do with being 'right wing'.

    He always states that...

    With the return of the Latin Mass comes the return of the correct theology which never changed at Vatican II.

    They don't like it, but it is a very quick way of halting a lot of the rubbish they like to regurgitate. Pointing out that the theology never changed at Vatican II always leaves them spluttering, because ultimately they know that they can not counteract it.

  2. A political point, if I may. Hitler and Mussolini were actually Leftists. It was only after their split with Stalin that supporters of Stalin began referring to them as Right wing. They may have been to the Right of Stalin, but they were still to the Left of center.

  3. Nazism or National Socialism. They are socialists = leftists.

  4. I was going to say the same as Robert.
    The problem is in applying secular, political points of view to the Church. Shouldn't our faith educated and formed by the Church be shaping our world view and political action instead?
    Btw, we can be good, faithful, orthodox Catholics without going to TLM. I certainly try to be.

  5. Anneg, I am sure you are right about good, faithful Catholics not just being the preserve of the Latin Mass but, it leapfrogs all the errors of modernism that our Church is riddled with and...I've yet to find a Novus Ordo Mass where the congregation genuflect, keep quiet in church and kneel to receive by mouth. All critical elements as far as reverent worship is concerned.

    1. That's because they generally don't see people, including the priest, and all the lay people in the sanctuary, genuflect, kneel to receive Our Lord or be quiet in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

    2. Then you've never been to an Anglican Use Mass.

  6. Anneg, no never. We do owe the Anglicans a great debt for preserving fragments of our liturgy and music (and reverence) over the past fifty years. But they are, of course, still heretics. By "Use" do you mean the Ordinariate? If so, are they still described as Anglican?

    1. In 1981 or so Pope John Paul II issued a Pastoral Provision for former Episcopal Priests in the US for their ordination. New congregations were formed from former Episcopalians and Anglicans here. Most of those parishes were in Texas, but they were pretty widely scattered in the US. The original liturgy which is a fully Catholic liturgy that preserves the traditions of Anglican worship with full Catholic theology is called Anglican Use. Some of those parishes have joined the Anglicanorum Cœtibus but not all. The liturgy is still called Anglican Use. Much of it is very recognizable for NO Catholics, but some would be even more familiar to EF Catholics. It really is beautiful, reverent and serious, whether Low or High Mass. Assistance fulfills a Catholic's Sunday or Holy Day Obligation. Communion is most frequently under both Species, but kneeling at al altar rail, only distributed by priest and deacon and the mass is celebrated ad orientem. Hope that is clear and please forgive me if I made grammatical or spelling errors. My Latin is via Spanish.

  7. Robert, JFK et all. Yes, I thought that might provoke a few comments.
    There is a general descriptor that does place Reds on the left and Fascists on the right and that is what I am holding to.
    I don't think that anyone would place Hitler and Musso in the same boat as Mao and Uncle Joe.

    1. I hear where you're coming from--that's what I was taught too. Now, though, I don't think there's enough of a difference, honestly. From what I can tell, one side is in the Devil's camp and the other made a deal with the Devil to try to destroy the Devil's camp.

      I don't like the term "right wing" either, but its actual original meaning definitely doesn't apply to Adolf or Benito: it refers to the monarchy, the aristocracy, and the temporal power of the Church. So you could say that they're actually right in terms of the definition when they call it "right wing", it's just that this term implicitly justifies the "left wing" as an alternative, which is never acceptable. (Guess where I lie, at least in my head?)

  8. yes, on a slightly different but I think relevant note, I am from an Anglo Catholic background and my husband is a Catholic. We are going the the annulment process of our previous marriages so I can be received into the RC's and my husband can take communion. We've had so many complaints from lapsed Catholic friends regarding this teaching and I know a lot of "liberal" catholics rail at it as well, but the point is ITS RIGHT!!!! I think you are right that its nothing to do with left or right wing, in fact we would call ourselves politically probably left of centre BUT it's in my humble opinion all to do with being Catholic.