Monday, 24 June 2013

Just time, if you are quick

The Welsh Government's Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill is due to have its
Stage 3 debate on final amendments on July 2nd.

The closing date for Government amendments is the 21st June but that for amendments from Assembly members is 25th June.

While we do not yet know which amendments may be available on July 2nd,
there are several amendments that those who oppose the principle of deemed
consent may support, in good conscience, because they will ameliorate the
effects of the Bill.

Please email this letter to Suzy Davies AM (before close of play June 25th):

Dear Ms. Davies,
                               The Welsh Government is due to discuss the Stage 3 amendments on July 2nd. I hope that you will be willing to support amendments which may ameliorate this unnecessary Bill.

                          The donation figures published on 11th April 2013 showed that all the other U.K. countries had achieved the target of 50% increase in donation rates set by the U.K. Organ Donation Task Force; only Wales failed miserably, and this in spite of leading the way in earlier years. The
recommendations of the UK ODTF as to how improvement could come about were working well and Wales achieved a 49% increase in 2011/12. This year, the figures slumped to 15.6% although organ donation was widely publicised as a result of the consultations and debates on the Human Transplantation Bill. This is very disappointing when N. Ireland, for example, achieved an increase of over 80%.

                     I noted your speech in the Assembly during the debate at Stage1  and I  note that you were especially concerned that there was no family veto on the face of the Bill. Even Spain, the best country in the world for donor rates, always asks the family and never takes organs without the family’s consent; if Wales wants to follow the example of Spain, it will always ask for the family’s permission. Moreover, the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, on the 10th May 2010 told the Observer "We have decided on soft presumed consent, where relatives can veto organ donation, because we want to make it as easy as possible," he said. "At the moment, if people are not carrying donor cards then it is presumed they didn't want to be a donor. If we presume everyone does – unless certain conditions are met–we don't want to be in a position where we are taking organs against the wishes of the family. There  is no question of that."
                         I hope you will remind the First Minister of his promise. Will he keep his word and put this veto on the face of the Bill? Perhaps, Darren Millar, as Shadow Health Minister, will propose this amendment with your support.

                            Yours sincerely,

Here is her email address: 

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