Thursday, 27 June 2013

If Michael Voris is right......

Why doesn't Pope Francis act at once?

My admittedly limited philosophical knowledge tells me that, either Michael Voris is right.....or, he is wrong.

If he is wrong, then, that may well account for the silence from Rome on this matter (and, why not?).

But, if he is right, (and the Holy Father, himself has admitted as much), why doesn't Pope Francis squash those who hold hard to the principle of catamites and all that such beliefs entail?

It's not hard, for goodness sake!

Our Lord booted out those in the Temple who were offering second rate doves and lambs etc., for sacrifice (and re-cycling them around the back to double or triple their profits).

Why does the Holy Father state that he needs to wait for a commission to sit and cogitate on this matter?

Leadership is all about stepping up to the mark and taking control.

Humility is easily assimilated into that; it is not a question of turning the other cheek; morality is the key issue here.

Prevarication is not good; in fact, it is bad.

Just do it, please, Holy Father.


  1. With something as devastating as this I am willing to give the Pope a little time to respond. But I do not believe I am acting arrogant if I add that when I say "a little time" I mean a day...or two. This whole stinking mess has to be brought out and squashed.

    I must also add, to my dismay, that with a very few exceptions the raamblings of the Holy Father do not give me much hope that he will act in a decisive manner. Please God that I am wrong.

    In the late 1930s Father Leonard Feeney was informing his Jesuit superiors that there was a budding homosexual problem in the Order that needed to be dealt with post haste. No one in the Church, high or low, acted on it. Now here we are.

    We will wait now and see.

  2. Cardinal Vallini, the Head of the Roman Vicariate, has said that these are claims made by a former priest, a deviant who served five years in prison for sexual offences against children, and who has made these allegations after the Vatican refused to give him a paid position.

    You and Voris might believe that the former priest is right, and the Cardinal is wrong, and that the Pope should believe the accusations of the former priest, and not his Vicar, but I think I'll wait this one out for a bit longer.

    1. Yes, but the former priest is backed up by witnesses, including high-ranking clergy and Vatican officials.

      Let's not pretend this sort of thing isn't happening. We've tried to ignore it for too long, and with what results? Disaster.

      Time to clean house.

  3. But Ttony, the HF has admitted that there is a 'gay lobby' within the Vatican.
    What is there to wait for?

  4. "If Michael Voris is right......
    Why doesn't Pope Francis act at once?"

    Possibly because he is cannier than we credit him with being!

  5. Voris is a nutjob. The Holy Father will do the right thing but he won't be forced into action by that little self publicist.

    1. No, Michael is not a "nutjob." What a rude and uncharitable thing to say.

    2. I bet you don't even know who Voris is. One must have a mind to think--please, find yours.

  6. Why doesn't the Pope act at once? ...Because he still hasn't a clue at this stage who is implicated, how far the net spreads, who is blackmailing who, and who he can trust. There is no guarantee that the Pope will be in a position to do anything before it gets an awful lot worse.

    As for Cardinal Vallini's denial, it reminds me of Cardinal Hoyos' denial that there was an abuse crisis in the Church and it had all just been whipped up by the media.

    Voris is not a nutjob. The only thing that seems remotely incredible in his report is the sale of Consecrated Hosts to Satanists. All the rest is widely known already - the only difference is that there now appears to be hard evidence and specific names in the frame. Why should Rome have any fewer predatory homosexual priests than the average English diocese?

  7. If we want the Church cleaned we seemingly only have
    Michael Voris and a few others who are willing to try
    to get somebody to do something

  8. "Why doesn't the Pope act at once?"

    I´m asking myself this question since I became catholic 6 1/2 years ago when I saw the hole rotten mess in the church.

    I´ve done a lot of research and I´m really glad that Father Z. made this statement yesterday
    because he confirms what I found out.

  9. I agree, Christine.

    Patricius, funny sort of logic, really. What's wrong with taking action?

    AP - agreed.

    Deacon Augustine, yes, but I just wish he would get on with it.

    Ttony, I think we all know what the issue is, let's fix it.

    Martina...we are of the same mind.

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  11. Lepanto, I was about to comment that I agreed with your appraisal...but then I pushed the wrong button and blitzed you. Sincere apologies.

    1. No problem. (I did wonder what I had done to offend.)

  12. I recall that when the reports of abuse and the existence of a ‘Lavender Mafia’ broke in the US and elsewhere, assorted Italian hierarchs were quick to assert: “this doesn’t happen in Italy”. Since then there have been ample reports – even a ‘sting’ operation by an Italian TV program – which clearly show that Rome, and Italy in general, are not immune from this scandal.

    While the priest is being charged with libel, this does not mean that what he said is not true – merely that he could not prove it in a court of law. Given his past history, it is easy for Italian hierarchs – like Vallini - to be dismissive. Also to admit that there was any truth to it would demonstrate his own failure in addressing the problem – something we have seen from many bishops elsewhere.

    Somehow I suspect Pope Francis will not stand for burying any scandal within his own diocese. The truth will out – eventually.